Is your man not satisfying your sexual needs? Or boring you to tears? Fear not. Thanks to ultra-modern tech, Sex Dolls for Gay Men are the new hottest and horniest thing. But will your bionic boyfriend hit the spot? We investigate.


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What are sex dolls for gay men?

Versions of sex dolls have been around since at least the 16th century. Back then, frisky sailors trapped at sea for months relied upon old clothes to get their thrills. Well, everyone has their needs. And you work with what you have at hand, so to speak.

But gone are the days when sex dolls were predominantly female and aimed at straight men. Ladies are now rightly demanding their fill. As are gay men. Enter magnificent male sex dolls.

Thanks to an increased emphasis on sex positivity coupled tech, sex dolls are finally coming out of the closet. And waving their ample assets proudly.


What are sex dolls for gay men made of?

No one wants to stick their third leg in a cold, unresponsive slab of plastic. The best sex dolls are handcrafted out of either silicone or TPE. Both of which feel like human skin.

TPE is cheaper than silicone. But it's also more elastic. However, silicone boasts a more life-like feel and texture. It’s also gentler. And offers unrivalled sensations when you surrender your schlong to its depths.

Have you had your wicked way with a Fleshlight? These durable masturbatory sleeves are made of a material known as Super Skin. Which contains silicone. However, Sex Dolls for Gay Men will take your self-pleasuring to new toe-curling orgasmic heights.


The vital statistics: what does the undercarriage of a sex doll look like?

We’ll get to the facial and body features of Sex Dolls for Gay Men in a moment. But let’s check out these guys’ vital statistics first. Yes, we know where gay men’s priorities lie. Show us a gay man who isn't a size queen and we’ll show you a liar!

Although that’s not quite true. Some men do prefer something slightly on the smaller side. Happily, sex dolls cater to the dimensions of every back door. With wonderful wangers ranging from anything around 5 to a monumental 11 inches. Because greed can be good!

But the best thing about a male sex doll is that his doodle dasher is ready to go. It's permanently erect. No need for Viagra here. Or wasting your precious time getting him to full mast. Moreover, he’s never going to lose that hard-on. Talk about stiff competition for so-called ‘real men’.

Additionally, today’s Sex Dolls for Gay Men offer multiple other options for your pleasure. Both oral and anal cavities. Because every hole is the goal. And great sex means mixing them up.



Meet Cormac, one of the most popular dolls out of many on sexdolls 😍


A sex doll’s arse is delectably smooth in texture. Just waiting for you to plunge in. Furthermore, it’s designed to respond to your every thrust and tweak. 

Sick of finding an adonis only to discover you’ll get more fulfilment chucking your chopper down a tunnel on an inordinately busy motorway? The derriere of a male sex doll is tight in extremis. And better yet springs back every time. This is more than can be said for many a gay man. Because contrary to what they may claim, even power bottoms have their limits. 

And then there’s his mouth. On quality Sex Dolls for Gay Men, oral cavities are on average 6.1 inches deep. Perfect for an exquisite deep throat experience. Better yet, he has no gag reflex. His gob exists to serve. And stimulate. Not to send you to sleep with tedious pillow talk.


Good looking and so refined. How can you create your own dream man with sex dolls for gay men?

We all want perfection. A dick of doom yet strange delights alone isn’t sufficient. We also long for chiselled abs. Toned arms. Buttocks like steel. And of course the face of an angel. The whole bulging package. Alas, rarely can this all be found in a human.

Sex Dolls for Gay Men cum in a variety of skin tones, penis sizes and facial features. Like your man more athletic than muscular? No problem. Fancy a full bush down below rather than a shaven haven? Everything can be customised to reflect your desires. And depravities.

Any tools and options you need can be found on sexdolls, where creating and using your own sex doll has seriously never been easier!


What other needs can sex dolls for gay men satisfy?

We live in an age where we’re more connected than ever. And yet strangely disconnected. Sex Dolls for Gay Men can offer genuine companionship. A respite from loneliness. 

Why? Because they give us something to hold on to on those cold nights. Thanks to materials that feel like real skin, these guys are soft and comforting to touch. And always accommodating. In every way. 

And all this comes without the needless and frequently tedious chat you often have to endure when getting a guy into the sack.


What's the problem with replacing real partners with partners made of silicone?

Looking for a deep and meaningful conversation? Sure, sex dolls aren’t going to give you this. Or all those lovey-dovey words. But you can get this elsewhere. Even a real sex partner isn’t going to give you everything you want. Not all the time. 

Additionally, because Sex Dolls for Gay Men don’t move you may find you’re may have to do more work sexually. This means that not all the sexual positions you deploy with your flesh and blood lover may be available. But this is a plus. Because you can still have outrageous fun trying them out. 

And best of all your dream doll isn’t going to complain as you do so. He’s never going to moan that you’re pounding away too hard? He’s never going to deny you any delights. And who can say that of most men? 

Would you stint on quality in a real sex partner? Of course not. Neither should you with a sex doll. Select the finest specimens from Sexdolls. 



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