Personal details

Gender Male
Age 34
Status Single
Height 180cm
Weight 90kg
Body shape Average
Position Top
Orientation Gay
Safer Sex Always
Eye colour Black
Hair colour Black
Hair length Short
Beard Shaved/no beard
Ethnicity Asian
Country of origin Malaysia
Nationality Malaysian
Personality Serious
Religion Buddhist
Identity Just me
How out Out to some
Pubic Hair Shaved
Body Hair Smooth
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Glasses No
Smoker No
Tattoos No
Piercings No
I can speak English

About me

Interested in:

I’m looking for:

  • One Night Stand / Ho
  • Friends with Benefit
  • Relationship
  • Dating
  • Other


Seeking A daring and caring Male for public outdor edge/milk me in humiliate situation / embarrass ways, with or without audience. Safe but wild kinky exposure.

contact at publicoutdoorcbt [at] gmail {DOTE} com


Below is some of my experienced:


Meeting a master outside the cinema and with no undie. Once is inside, he lead me to the conner place middle in front of the cinema.... Once the light is deemed... He asekd me to pull down my pant to my knee area... Then he tie my cock and balls and start to rub my cock head making it fully errect. He continue play and squeeze my ablsl and rub my cockhead and also stroke a bit until I told him I am going to cum soon (which he asked me to stop him when almost climax). Then he stop... Then after a while, he continue again...and stop...for I loose count of time, he force me shoot my load shooting all over his hand and my seat... Then he untie me and take out a mini towel to clean me off. Rest for about 5 minutes, he again play my cock and balls, make it hard again....and continue edging and milk me again.... before the show ends, I been milked for 5 times...then only he allowed me to wear back my pant before the show almost ends.


going to a 2 hour ride bus from KL to Sg. Long, master tie my balls and play my cock and balls after unzip and unbutton my pant. Sitting almost behind the seat during non-oeek season, he milked me 2 times before we stop at the last station. Each time when I cum, he will pull back my undie and allowed my cock to shoot inside my undie and I am to wearing that for some journey heading to his house for more fun...


I am to remove my swim trunk and burried into sand with head and cock balls expose during night time at Penang Beach. Master tie my balls and playing with my cock and ablls while my face is covered by a cap so I cannot see (but I do hear many people do walk pass out place, and I think they never notice anything. Master milk me and then after shoot, he conitnue milk till my pee is shooting out loosing control.......It is almsot 2 hours of edging before he allowed me to shoot, and then he lead me to the sea and wash clean naked....and pass me a towel and dry up. But walk back to his car totally naked and only allowed to wear my pant and shirt without undie next to his car... Glad no one is there coz is midnight. Then he again play my cock and ablls in his car and for more.....


I am to wear a sheer undie prepared by master. when found a suitable playground, master tie my hand on those steel rod, and pulling down my pant review my sexy undie and he tie my balls and start to cbt....and edge me for hours....and force milk me shoot inside the sheer undie.... then onto his motorcycle nad heading to others garden/playground.... doing the same thing for 6 times before he allowing me to go home... where he take back that sheer undie for his own collection...


early morning, walking up the hill... after certain level, master asked me to strip and wear a running shorts (sheer type) and walk up with him to the highest level of the waterfall that no one will go...feel totally like naked even wearing that thin sheer running shorts.... once on top, he tie me various position and cbt me on the trees....and everytime after shoot, he will asked me wash clean in the water...cold but exciting...first time playing in the woods...


Fully naked sitting on the front passenger seat. lying back down with cock balls expose to master for play and enjoyment. Master asked me to strip after few minutes on highway... and asked me to tie my balls and he slap, pinch, squeeze and touch my ablls and once a hwile tease my cock and stroke it to make it wet with pre-cum....long hour edging while he driving around in the highway.... few truck and busses passing by, and I think they might see me.... but nothing happened and he continue drive....until he satisfied, and he make me shoot only my chest and crotch and open up window to let the wind dry my cum....then he again continue make me hard and horny and doing it all over again.... gives you…

...tons of hot guys and interesting people to meet up with in Pandan Perdana. If you prefer to see who's around, do some ‘window shopping’ first. If you know what you want, search by selecting the right category. Nobody stays alone here for long!

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