Erotic Fiction

Erotic Fiction

There was a time – back in the dark ages of the closet – when LGBT books were deemed so “perverted” that they’d be covered in brown wrapping paper, and you’d have to have them discreetly mailed to you or visit a back street store. Talk about a covert operation! These days, most book stores have a LGBT section: there you’ll find the respectable literature but also an array of filthy fables to flick your bits to. And thanks to the genius of Kindle and other e-readers, you don’t even have to worry about those pages sticking together anymore.


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  • Gay Erotic Fiction

    Has anyone ever proposed the creation of a section where those so inclined could post erotic fantasy fiction? It would have to be limited to short stories to keep it manageable, but it seems possible. ...
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  • “I think, perhaps,” Irina Mischen said, “we put you on the ice together. Milo is not much bigger than your partner back home.” Though Milo was much shorter than Tom Alan, definitely lighter, he still ...
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  • There are SO many topics here. I haven't seen any topics about gay erotica. So what do you guys (an girls) think about gay erotica. Some puritan think erotica is trashy although many secretly crave ...
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