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  • live sex fun on skype

    What would you like to see live on skype? If you use your skype would it be one guy and his sex toys or two guy doing it for real? ...
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  • Whos doin what thats fun, i want in

    Just seeing whats going on that im surley missing out on. ...
  • Fun music

    Hi all, what do you jam to that's NOT on the radio? I've found a lot of videogames (and some series) have great music to work or chill to since most of them don't have lyrics, some J-pop here and ther ...
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  • Oh, gal, Look What You Made Me Do! It’s no secret that gay men love their pop music. But why? Here are eight reasons why we can’t get enough of that glitter-balled dance floor. Why gays lov ...
  • Double the dick, double the trouble - or double the fun? Here’s our top double penetration tips and all you need to know about the anal acrobatics that’s D.P! 1. Prepare for the double penetra ...
  • It’s getting rather boring in the bedroom. In fact, it’s got to the point where you’re sitting there in your thermals watching reruns of RuPaul’s Drag Race – or, even worse, Bette Davis movies. Gays.c ...
  • Fun dates

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