Encountering a magnificent Prince Albert can be enough to make some gay men’s eyes water – quite literally. If you’re brave enough to consider getting a bolt through your cock, what options are open to you – and how much pain and pleasure should you expect? Gays.com takes an unsparing look at genital piercings.


The filthy Prince and lucky Queen?  

The history of the Prince Albert is somewhat mythical. As the same suggests, this piercing is often traced back to the husband of Queen Victoria. The tale goes that Albert wore one either as a dressing ring, in order to fit his wanger into the fashions of the day (so tight they left very little to the imagination), or perhaps even to pin back his foreskin to ensure that the great Regina herself didn’t get a mouthful of smegma when she burrowed into his undercarriage. Now there’s a thought! Whatever the reason, the Prince Albert remains the most famous of genital piercings.

There are three types of Prince Alberts (and they all sound rather like contraptions you may use down the gym): the Captive Bead Ring, the Circular Barbell or the Bent Barbell. 

Or you could opt for a Prince Albert Wand – a hollow tube with a threaded cap at the end. It all depends on just how adventurous you are, but be warned, all could potentially reek some havoc on your partner’s fillings, so go easy!

Frenum piercings:  ladders of ecstasy  

This one’s located on the underside of your pulsating shaft – and you can even have a series of them in a neat little row, known as the Frenum Ladder. These are often to be found along the bottom of the shaft, but the most daring of men – and those who really want to make an impact, in more ways than one – place straight barbells along the sides too!

Alternatively, if you’re after something nearer the bell end, you can go for a D-ring. It’s up to you have much space you leave between the different rungs of the ladder – and how much you stretch your piercings – yes, as you may imagine, that’s the more painful part!

Getting hardcore  

The Apadravya piercing is as hardcore as it sounds – and given that it’s said to be possibly the most painful of the piercings, it is probably best left for the aficionados. This one goes pretty brutal: it goes straight through the head of your pork sword, right from top to bottom. Ouch! As we say, for the brave only – but it’s certainly one way of making a statement and banging him to rights.

Different types of male genital piercings
Some of the different types of genital piercings.  Image: Pinterest.


Ampallang piercings for ample pleasure?  

Another which is surely not for the faint hearted. Again, we’re talking of a piercing that goes right through your bell end – but this time from one side to the other. A word to the wise: this particular piercing can cause your partner a certain amount of discomfort, so you need to establish which sexual position works best for him – which is, of course, the perfect excuse to get experimenting again – as if you should need one!


Pinning the perineum: Guiche piercings

The perineum (the magical area between your balls and your bum) is one of the major male pleasure spots, and as such, it would be dreadfully remiss for there not to be a set of piercings specifically designed for this most vital of locations. Captive bead rings and circular barbells are the favourites here and form a lovely little (or indeed big) ladder which is just crying out for him to run his tongue (or indeed front teeth) up and down. A great trick to enhance your orgasm: hang a weight from the piercing on your bollocks which can delay your spunkathon – but only once the piercing is fully healed, naturally – otherwise you’re taking S&M to the most extreme possibilities! 




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