The Gay Podcast has transformed how we consume queer culture. Here are our top 10 unmissable listens.


Top 10 Queer Podcasts 1: Spank U, Next Podcast

This exciting new fetish and BDSM podcast comes from the leading website Fetish. Each episode of the Spank U, Next Podcast is packed with lust and laughter. Hosts Anna and Gregor welcome a smorgasbord of sex-positive guests to explore the sometimes bizarre, always fascinating world of kink.

The Spank U, Next Podcast is aimed at fetish aficionados and newbies. Judgement-free, fun and informative, it demystifies fetishes and poses questions you’ve always wanted answering.

The first episode of the Spank U, Next Podcast features sex educator Lola Jean giving anal communication and gushing like the Niagara Falls a thorough going over. We can’t wait to see what’s to to speak.



Top 10 Queer Podcasts 2: Making Gay History Podcast

What are the hidden pieces of LGBT history we should all know? Across 100 episodes, the Making Gay History Podcast answers this question and many more.

The conversations in the Making Gay History Podcast are intimate, tender and powerful. From the AIDS crisis to queer icons, the Making Gay History Podcast is an inspirational celebration of our rich culture and heritage.


Top 10 Queer Podcasts 3: Bad Gays Podcast

The Bad Gays Podcast is an ingenious twist on queer hagiography. We all know about the good queer icons, but what about the evil queens? The Bad Gays Podcast serves them up with a generous portion of arsenic. 

From sexually depraved emperors to fascist thugs, there’s so much to delight and provoke in the Bad Gays Podcast. Funny, disturbing and thoughtful, you’ll come away asking yourself why it's often tricky to tell the difference between a good or bad gay. And convinced that bad boys are invariably more fun.




Top 10 Queer Podcasts 4: Gay Stories Podcast

The Gay Stories Podcast is a series of novellas exploring the worlds of career-driven gay people. 

The Gay Stories Podcast strives to empower queer people and break down isolation. You’ll find escapist fiction. But the Gay Stories Podcast also includes real-life tales. And better yet, you’re invited to contribute your own.


Top 10 Queer Podcasts 5: Gay Future Podcast

Queer sci-fi fans are in for the ride of their life with the Gay Future Podcast. The intriguing premise of this Gay Podcast is that it’s 2062. And a totalitarian gay regime rules America.

Playing on ideas of utopia, the Gay Future Podcast features top-notch comedic writing laced with irony. The cast and crew of the Gay Future Podcast are fittingly young, with unique voices and perspectives on modern life.




Top 10 Queer Podcasts 6: For The Girls Podcast

The fabulous glory of Divadom is celebrated in the For the Girls Podcast. And each episode focuses on a special lady. 

You’ll find everyone from Pink to Eartha Kitt via Doris Day and Whitney Houston in the For the Girls Podcast. And diva-loving hosts Jason Black and Nick Westrate certainly know their stuff. The For the Girls Podcast delivers a heady mix of legendary tales and cultural context.  

Top 10 Queer Podcasts 7: One from the Vaults Podcast

Trans history has long been neglected. The One from the Vaults Podcast is correcting this, one brilliantly crafted episode at a time. 

The emphasis in the One from the Vaults Podcast is on exploring the lives of unsung transgender people. Trace the courageous story of trans activist Marsha P Johnson. Or discover poet Georges Marasco. 

The One from the Vaults Podcast is now celebrating five years. And in honour of this milestone, it’s now featuring interviews with historians determined to preserve trans history. Vital work indeed.




Top 10 Queer Podcasts 8: LGBTQ&A Podcast

GLAAD award-winning journalist Jeffrey Masters is the force behind the LGBTQ&A Podcast. Featured in the New York Times, this Gay Podcast meticulously documents modern LGBTQ+ history. 

Each episode of the LGBTQ&A Podcast features an interview with a high-profile guest. And Masters knows exactly what questions to ask to draw out their story. Previous guests have included Billie Jean King, Laverne Cox and Roxane Gay. The LGBTQ&A Podcast makes you think deeply about today’s most important issues. 


Top 10 Queer Podcasts 9: Queery Podcast

The Queery Podcast is more than another Gay Podcast. It’s a vibrant, wildly entertaining yet cerebral exploration of queer experience. And what more would one expect from a host as talented as standup comic Cameron Esposito?

In each 60 minute episode of the Queery Podcast, Esposito interviews a ‘Queero’. The term means a queer hero. And was coined by Esposito. You’ll find a rich archive of illuminating Queery Podcast chats on all aspects of sexuality and LGBTQ+ identity.




Top 10 Queer Podcasts 10: Bad in Bed Podcast

Gay sex has never been properly taught in school. Queers have to learn on the job. Or by listening to a gem like the Bad in Bed Podcast.

The Bad in Bed Podcast is brought to you by queer sex educators and journalists Gabrielle Kassel and Bobby Box. And the hosts of this Gay Podcast are certainly candid about their antics. 

Discover the contents of their sex toy drawers or learn how to avoid an anal fissure. The Bad in Bed Podcast includes everything you need to transform your sexual shenanigans.


What’s your favourite Gay Podcast? Tell us what we’ve missed by commenting below.



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