In March 2017, Facebook unexpectedly decided to remove the fan page for no clear reason - this is our open letter to the biggest social network on the planet.


Dear Facebook,

After eight long years together, you’ve suddenly decided to break up with us - for good.

Without warning, you took it upon yourself to permanently delete the page with more than 400,000 fans that we spent years cultivating - with no clear reason why.  

Your break up news caught us off guard.  

Facebook, we always tried to follow your community standards ‘to a T’.  We’re a proud gay dating community ourselves with rules and community guidelines. WTF did we do wrong? Did we unwittingly unleash a guy’s naked butt on your website by accident?

But, you can’t (or won’t) tell us what we did wrong, despite us clinging to your leg for answers.  

Well, that’s your decision.

Several years back, we, like most of the planet, fell in love with you and the way you got everyone connected.  Remember all the fun times we had together? You made us feel special and told us that you’d give us the world with your shiny new advertising tool and fancy algorithms.

We eagerly climbed into bed with you and stuffed hundreds of thousands of dollars down your pants, ‘cuz we knew you were good at getting people to visit our fan page.

But, you know what? If we knew what mistakes we made, we’d put our arms up in the air and say ‘hey, it’s not you, it’s us’ - let us learn!  But if we’re being honest here, it’s the reverse - It's not us, it's you.

Like you, is all about connecting people, giving our users what they want and making them feel safe.

We love our users - but unlike you, we don’t cut off and disengage with the people that provide us with the advertising revenue to keep our site free for users to enjoy.

What’s the deal Facebook, you say you need businesses’ $$ to help grow and dominate the world - but you won't assist them, you just ignore them.  Heck, we even tried to report hate speech on our page to you, but you told us that ‘killing gays’ wasn’t against your community standards.  Do you have a problem with our big colourful rainbow?

Well, it looks like you want it both ways. Yes, you might be too big to ignore, but nothing in life lasts forever.

So, it’s a permanent goodbye then, faceless Facebook. We’re moving on. You’re not the smart, funny social network we fell in love with years ago.  

Bye, felicia.

Have you experienced homophobia on Facebook? How was it dealt with? Let us know in the forum. is available to connect with on Twitter and Pinterest.  Or better still, sign up with us for free!







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unfortunately not. :(  Facebook didn't give a clear reason.... We're on Twitter though!

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Guest Kevin

Posted · Report

That is horrible, I was wondering what happened to your page. That isn't fair, is there any way of getting it back?

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