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6 Bad Signs of a Good Relationship

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Having just read an article in The Advocate (link below) I felt compelled to start a forum post.. Although I'm not in a relationship right now, I can identify but not necessarily agree with the below.

Here are my responses tell us yours!

1. You have five extra pounds that just won't go away.
Er.. yes been there, but once the inevitable breakup occurs then it'll SHIFT! Or just get on with it, go to the gym and stop stuffing your face.

2. You loose all your party friends.
Never. My party friends ARE my friends, not just people I go out with because I need company. In any case, finding a boyfriend who likes going out dancing just as much as me is the best, even better with all our friends. At least I can dance away without constantly looking desperate for a shag.

3. You have become 'that couple'.
Not really sure what this means. Actually, I always found gay couples sweet. Unless they're really nauseating and putting me off my breakfast.

4. You are hairier, smellier and generally not as well-groomed as before.
No change there (and wouldn't for any dude). Love me, love my farts and smelly pits. But generally I like to look good for me, no one else.

5. You favourite breakup anthems lose their luster.
And why would I want to listen to breakup songs constantly? Thankfully for me it's time, not another guy or a relationship that helps me move on through the dating game.

6. You're officially 'boring'.
Boring? On who's definition? If you're happy - keep on doing whatever you're doing!


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