No relationship is perfect. However, any relationship that makes you feel unsafe, sad, and makes you compromise with your self-respect is undoubtedly not a relationship you should be in. 


A toxic relationship is when one or both persons in a relationship prioritize love over other crucial components that make a relationship healthy: trust, respect, and affection. Such relationships do more harm than good. Hence, it is essential to determine how a relationship affects your emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing.

When people are in a new relationship, the intense feelings of love often overpower their sense of judgment. However, you must look at the bigger picture and ask yourself whether this relationship makes you feel happy or distraught.

This article talks about a few warning signs that will help you determine whether you are in a toxic relationship or not. Some signs are so sneaky that it is difficult for people to identify them. Read on to find out more about them. 


Warning Signs Of A Toxic Relationship


Although a certain amount of jealousy in a relationship is natural, it shows that your partner cares for you. However, excessive jealousy may indicate that your partner is possessive which can create a toxic environment. A healthy relationship is established on the basis of trust whereas jealousy only shows a lack of it. If your partner regularly checks your social media accounts, checks your Whatsapp messages, or argues about your past relationship, then consider these as a warning sign. 

Being Blamed For Their Emotions

If your partner blames you for their bad times or takes out their frustration on you, know that your relationship is toxic. It is not valid to blame other people for your failures. If you think that your partner lashes at you every time they have a bad day, it's time that you should consider reevaluating your relationship. This pattern further implies that your partner's emotional wellbeing determines your relationship's fate. 

Your Relationship Is Draining 

Many studies were carried out and it was concluded that a toxic relationship drains 70% of the emotional energy in an individual. One of the critical signs that determine your relationship is the feeling you get after meeting your partner. Some feel motivated and high-spirited, whereas a few feel like a deflated balloon. The sentiment is subjective. However, it tells a lot about how your relationship is. It is crucial to move out of a stressful relationship for your emotional wellbeing.

You Start Following The Habits Of Your Partner To Impress Them 

When in a toxic relationship, your partner's bad habits will get channelled to you. If you are forced to do something you are not comfortable with, consider it as a sign of a toxic relationship. If you are doing things to impress your partner and not because you like it, you should reconsider it. Rethink about what you are doing and why? A good relationship always brings the best out of you and your partner, not the other way around.

You Are Walking On Eggshells: 

Do you have to think before expressing what is going on in your mind? Are you scared of telling your partner about something that is bothering you? That persistent feeling of doing or saying something that may aggravate or upset your partner is a sign that your relationship is not balanced. 

Your Relationship Is All About Your Partner:

If you feel that you cannot focus on other relationships that you share with your friends or family because your partner is taking up all your time, it may be another sign of an unhealthy relationship. For instance, you forget to wish your best friend a happy birthday or you frequently cancel plans with friends because of your partner. Think about it and step out of a relationship if you cannot concentrate on anything else except take care of your partner's insecurities continuously.

Nothing You Do Is Right: 

No matter what you do, you are criticised for everything. Each time you do something, you always get comments like, it could have been better, you shouldn't have added this ingredient to the dish, or this dress doesn't look good. They don't appreciate you, and all they do is blame you for one thing or the other. Nothing kills a relationship like constant criticism.

Frequent Lying: 

No matter how small they are, lies erode the trust factor in a relationship. 

If your partner lies to you, it is a signal that they don't respect you as a partner who deserves honesty. When your partner lies, it means that their allegiance is to themselves and not towards the relationship. Work on your relationship to solve such issues.

There Is No Effort From Your Partner's End: 

You cannot become a dancer just by standing on a dance floor. In the same way, being physically present in a relationship doesn't mean you are investing in it. If you see that your partner is not trying, they aren’t showing any love to you, or are not spending time with you, the relationship stops giving and starts taking too much. 

How About Hiring An Escort? 

When you are in a toxic relationship, it is possible that you don't get any sexual satisfaction and crave an intimate relationship. It would help if you had someone you can talk to and someone who listens to you. In such a scenario, step out of that toxic relationship and instead hire the services of an escort. Make sure to read Basingstoke Duo with girl escorts reviews before hiring them.

Dating an escort is not always about sex; sometimes, they provide the intimacy you are looking for but which you couldn’t get in your past relationships. The upside is that it is a no-strings-attached kind of relationship. They will do everything to satisfy your needs and make you feel valued and loved. 

Final Word

Abuse is not the only thing that can make your relationship unhealthy and toxic. Consider the signs mentioned above to gauge whether you are in a toxic relationship. Such a relationship will drain you emotionally, physically, and mentally so if these signs match your situation, it is better to get out of it as soon as possible. Forum

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