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Would love to see some meeting stories - Love and Romance


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Hi guys, thought I would see if anyone wanted to share some stories on where, how and what went on in meeting that special person...love to hear about the romance


Hehee most boys seem to find that acceptable...what kind of game were you guys playing?


The first time I met my Ex I was at a party at my friends house. I walked into my friends bedroom and she was sitting on the bed talking to my friend chris who was standing. Instead of introducing myself like a normal person. I pushed her back on the bed straddled her turned to my friend chris and said "who is this?" lol best story ever... though she left me for some man there married now...


That is totally hot and so ballzy! I have never been that aggressive...that rocks


wow, that is very bold.! I could imagine that in my head. It could have been like "WTF" or "thats hot" lol if that happened to me, id introduce myself right away lmao XD


Wow you must be fun to take to parties When I get nervous I get super quiet...not nearly as exciting haha


I met my girlfriend on a penpal site over a year ago.. she sent me this really sweet message, introducing herself. As soon as I saw her picture I was like.. 'wow she looks good' lol I gave her my number to txt because I didnt have time to reply.. We started txting eachother everyday, like all day, talking about what we think about guys and our views.. a few days into talking she say to me.. ' Im a lesbian, I hope it doesnt bother you'.. I laughed to myself and replied 'no, I would hope not, I'm bisexual' lol since we havent went a day without speaking, didnt meet eachother physically until 4 months into our relationship, and went from living 16 hours apart, to having a place together.. 'happily ever after'


awww so sweet! I love the passion that comes with being with a girl. I know after two years my girl and I both have trouble even going a few hours with out seeing each other.


You guys are so lucky... I'm really like Uncle Fester when it comes to a girl I like. Though I'm the best flirt f Europe when it comes to en (I don't recall ever not having the guy I wanted, but whn I meet a girl..oh man, I suck. hahaha.

My first and only girlfriend I met at school, she just pulled me in to the girls lavatory to ask me about how I got that real pretty guy in class and I told her I would fix her up with him...we ended up dating each other. I didn't have the nerve to say I liked her, so her neighbour (also in our class) told her I was bisexual (Inever thought of myself that way, haha) and then she said I ha goten her imagination going wild because of that...we never came out to class -except for the neighbour- or our parents. We weirdly enough lost contact the day she dropped out of school and through her neighbour two years later I found out that se had twin kids..I went by and friendship came back. I went to her wedding (got this great pic of her in her wedding dress winking at me) and it -you wouldn't believe it- took us up to -prepare yourself- the funeral of her 3rd child we finally had the guts to fall in each other's arms and said 'I love you, I'm forever yours'. She still lives with her man and we don't often speak, but it feels better knowing that it wasn't just a dream...

That's obviously my only succes story, haha. There's more fun non-succes stories, tell me if you care to hear aout them.


my girlfriend and i met 4 years ago at a school for gays bis and lesbians. a few straight girls went there and she was curious. she came and sat by me when i was new. we became friends but i wanted more. she had a bf who lived in another state. ironically enough he turned out to be gay later on...anywho..we flirted held hands passed love notes then came the day i tried to kiss her..she rejected me and i walked away. met someone else. one day i was at a popular coffeeshop with my girlfriend and some other people from school when she came up to me and handed me a note saying she made a mistake and knows who she wants but i was to hurt and laughed it off. a week later while *** some friends got me riled up and it was rumored the girl was talking about a friend. so my girlfriend convinced me to fight her. luckily she found out about it. called me up crying and told me we were lost..i realized in that moment how i really felt about her..four years later she comes back into my life. a random IM in the middle of the night. we start talking nonstop texting. 6 hour phone calls at night. she has a fiance and a son but we still feel a connection. she comes into town and i pick her up. we end up intimate. she goes home beaks off her engagement takes her son and moves out. were looking at getting a place together now i couldnt be happier


Well, let's see how I can embarres myself a bit more.. Ow, there's the Fester-impersonation of course, let's start with that. -this might be difficult, 'cause I'm forcing myself to watch German tv meanwhile, to learn the language, but I wouldnt be Dutch if I couldn't switch between languages, right?-

I've got this (male)friend, whom I met when I had a job interview at his technical university - these guys never meet girls, important detail I think. I invited him for a drink and he became my 'drinking-brother' as we call that here. Which is funny, 'cause he doesnt drink alcohol and has to carry me home all the time. Once every year or so we hook up and have great discussions in a bar. This particular time he came to my city and we went to an English pub and talked about all kinds of things. He usually likes to hear about my wild life and sexual side (and I love to brag about that), so he's hanging on my lips with eyes rolling out because of the stories I tell him about the men I date, when this little angel-like girl passes by to pick up the empty glasses...

I ***d. He was staring at me, waiting for the end ogf my sentence when she came by again and smiled at me. I just blushed and looked intensely at my beer. This guy started to laugh and said:"Am I wrong, or do you fancy her?" I just mumbled something like: "Yeah well, she's pretty.." So he laughed his head off and said:"Well?! Go alk to her you asshole!!" But I didn't dare to.

Eventually I decied to write down my phonenumber on one of those cardboard-thingies you put your galss on..and just wrote:" You've got the prettiest smile!" I just couldn't think of anything better, in fact; I couldn't think at all. So when at the end of the night I went to pay our bill and wanted to give it to her, I didn't see her anymore. I asked her colleague and he said she'd gone home two hours ago! I was so afraid of eye-contact, that I'd avoided her so well, not even to remark she wasn't there anymore. So dorky e, I asked the colleague to give my number to her. I'll never forget how he made me feel when he saw what was written on it...asshole. She never called.


A week later, I went to a bar that'd just opened, right next to the English pub. I was talking to my best friend (guy) and explained what had happened. I said that he only thing I'd been thinking of for a week was her and for no reason at all, that I just HAD to give her a white rose. I never give anyone a rose, I usually bring daisies, nevermind. He told me it was a good idea, if you're to shy to talk, right? We were wondering about where to get a white freakin' rose at friday night in the middle of the centercity, when thismerchant walked in the bar with a bunch of red roses to sell! My best friend told me to buy one, but I said no. It just had to be a white one. So I felt crappy. When the merchant turned around and left the bar, guess what? On the bottom of that huge buch, were three white roses! So I jumped up and persued him into the street like a crazy person (street equals in front of the window of the pub she works - pay attention-) and screamd I needed a white one. He sold me the rose with a smile and I walked back into the new bar with the rose, feeling satisfied.


My friend, laughing at me said:"Well, doll, now you have to bring it over to her." I was nodding my head, saying I didn't dare to, but he toldme the rose wasn't gonna look good forever, and dragged me out of the bar.

The pub has two entrances, so I ***d my friend to wait at the other door and explained my strategy: I would walk in, drop it off at the bar, looking mysterious and walk right out through the other door, where I could regroup with him.

-Another weird thing, that day I'd bought a huge velvet black rose with barbed wire around it for Hallowe'en decor, and because it didn't fit into a bag, I had put it in a button hole of my coat, yeah, can you believe it? I must have looked like a complete sicko with that white roze in my hand..-

I walkedin, there she was and I stood there like a complete moron, waiting for some room at the bar. She'd seen me and asked me what a wanted to drink -dah! she's working!- and, well, have you seen Addams amily Values, when Debby sees Fester for the first time? That's how it went.

I froze up like an old man and mumbled something and just stomped the rose in her face. I wanted to walk away fillled with shame, but she shouted out:"Who's it for?" e:"Err...for you" "Tha's lovely! Who's it from?!"

I just stared at her, bit my lip and moved my arms sidewards like a doll on a string..like a frozen bird... flappering my arms like an idiot. "Is it from you?" I nodded, srt of. She jumped up and down and ran around the counter (which took about half an hour in my memory) and ran up to me and kissed me!

The she said:"You still didn't tell me what you want to drink." I explained that I was about to leave, but then she told me she'd be off in an hour and would like me to stay, so we could hang out afterwards. I ran out to get my friend and we both sat down for the biggest glass of Guinness ever. She kept smiling at me and trying totalk to my whenever her manager wasn't looking. But I just stared at my friend (really I did!) and he answered the questions for me. After the beer he said he'd had anough of me acting like a moronand wanted to leave. I lef with him, but not before she gave me another kiss, her number and asked me out for the week after.

So the week after, I sat at this bar where we were supposed to meet and waited.


And I waited and waited. Went to her work, thinking she might expect me to pick her up, but she wasn't there eighter. She never showed at all. I of course, sitting in an Irish pub and all, got drunk with the guys as soon as they foud out I had been stood up.

About a week after that, she sent me a message, saying sorry, something drastic had come in between. If I wanted to try aain tonight. Of course.

So I went out, sat down at the bar and ordered to special beers, one closed, one opened. I drank mine. Ordered another one. Drank it. Sent a message, no reaction. Sent her another one:"Remember you and me, party tonight?" Nothing.

The thing is, this is actually the end of the story. I'll never really know what went wrong, if she got cold feet or something..why she kissed me rightaway with me acting like Fester? I don't know.

I called up my best friend to open that beer for me and get drunk together..and I must say: feels goo being with the guys when you get stod up bya girl! They KNOW what it's like!


Oh Nikita, that was a GREAT story but the ending sucked. Sorry girl!


All of these stories are interesting[:
You guys should send me a request.

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i met oone of my ex girlfriends while i was at the mall with some of my friends. this was back when our mall had an arcade. it was a few years ago, we were sitting on the floor eating candy and looking through our shopping bags or something like that, and then i saw her playing dance dance revolution. [oh my god this sounds so cornyyy.] she was wearing jeans and a rainbow studded belt and a shirt that said i live vampires or something like that and she was absolutly beautiful. i tore part of a recipt from one of my bags off and wrote my screen name on it, i walked up to her and was like i like your shirt and she was like thanks i like your something or another and then i gave her the paper with my screen name on it. she messaged me like a week later and then we hung out and when we finally made out it was like oh my god.

then a year or so ago i was working at seven eleven adn this girl also named kayla started working there, she was adorable. she got her friend a job. her friend and i became really close - she lived a few blocks away from me. she used to sneak in my window at night, we would walk and meet halfway. we would cuddle and watch movies all night and we could talk to eachother about anything. she cheated on her girlfriend with me and i felt awful but i loved her so much when she was mine it didn't matter. now i am actually closer to her ex girlfriend than i am her, shame.

and this year i fell head over heels in love with this girls brother. it was a great and tragic love story and i finally let him go.

oh love, meeting new people, how wonderful and truely complicating you are.


i have a few more stories but i don't really feel lie typing them out right now, if people show interest, i will tell more.



that was a fantastic story.


aha thanks.
but i found a girl on here, and she's pretty cool.
we're talking.
i met her, it was an adventure. she's sweet.

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