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I could say that i consider myself a rookie to the "love game". I'm usually known as the social butterfly everywhere i go and i love meeting new people. Despite it all, when it comes to approaching a girl, i'm like the nerdy kid trying to get with the beautiful popular chick at school (fail), i get shy or can't think of the perfect words to say to seal the deal i guess....

so ladies, here's my discussion topic for you...how would you advise someone in my position? tell me your stories on your wins and fails when it comes to approaching a girl.

P.s i'm not trying to be the mack daddy or the womanizer at the bar, but it would be nice to have that confidence when i do come across a nice girl i would like to get to know =)


well i guess its all in ur own personal style maybe i'm not sure XD i mean everyone has that confidence but has not really plug into u u know? it what works for u maybe the cute/shy persona. or perv persona, romeo persona? etc.

but with me eh it takes a lot for me to peak an intrest in a girl even if they do give me their number lol

hm i guess what happen recently i was walking down the stairs and a girl was walking up (these are some steep ass stairs i'm in the mall downtown btw) and out of nowhere she slips like falling backwards i grabbed her in time and pulled her close to me and ask was she alright she was about to cry i guess she saw her life flash before her eyes lol but anyway i saw my bus and run for it she run after me saying ,"wait, wait, wait! i want to thank u" i guess she thought i didnt hear her. but i'm always downtown sometimes and i was walking around and out of nowhere someone taps me on my shoulder i mean around the time i'm downtown no one usually isnt around esp. the street i be on so my insticnt was i'm about to get mugged. i grabbed that person arm and slamed them into the wall and my hands pinning theirs down above their head and was like "who the fuck are u" when i saw the person face it took me about 15 seconds to figure out that it was the girl i helped from falling down the stairs. LOL man was she scared she was like ," u-um i-it w-was fr-from the other d-day......... u-um.... thank u" lol i looked at her puzzled i'm still pining her agaisnt the wall btw i was like omg i'm sorry! i didnt know who u were for a second lol i kept saying sorry and brought her a doughnut and stuff she was pretty cool lol she gave me a kiss on the cheek and her number she plans on hanging out with me on saturday i think it will be more of a friendship though. ^^


Okay let's give this a shot!
Well Omara i would tell you stop putting so much pressure on urself. Believe me a female can smell insecurity a mile a way. What you need to do is just approach her like a friend, like somebody she would like to get to know. Its real simple cuz i don't put too much though into, like how a kid does in kindergardern, "hey you wanna play" and that's how they get friends.
I apply those same basics:
=head up look her into her eyes don't gaze cuz u will look kinda creepy if she's not diggin you like that yet lol
=Say "Hi" and give a smile
=Introduce urself
Tell her something nice about her and keep the convo short to give her a chance to respond cuz lets face us girls like to talk back too lol.
Keep it short and sweet let her know ur interested by going someplace quiet to talk for a bit and have fun with it basically be urself .
Now warning you might not get a good respond all the time for it varies with different women (beware of the evil bitch lol jus in case)
Sometimes to get that edge off I look at it like a job interview.
You gotta sell urself to get the job well use the same concept to get the digits. We all like confidence even if ur still nervous the fact is that u did it and if she respect that then she is good one.
Have patience if your not successful and get rejected believe me once u get fired from a job more than once it pretty much doesn't bother u the next time (that's when that confidence is building up or how i like say "swagger").
You might get rejected and then again you might not its all how u apply yourself, everyone female is different so jus continue to be urself there's no lines or magic words i can tell you cause i use none and hate for someone to use that cheese to get me.
I respect the girl enough to approach her as myself and if she's not interested no biggie just move on to the next one just don't give up after that first no, practice makes prefect you know and take each fail as a learning experienc now go out there and get ur feet u little heartbreaker you and have fun and don't be all serious cause she wanna have fun and possible get to know u better too!
Remember all you have to do is say hello my name is............... the rest is up to you. You'll do fine just keep it simple and cuz believe it or not she might be just as nervous as you but she's not gonna tell until you give her a reason not to be nervous anymore, eh? Have a smile and just have fun with it cuz the two go hand and hand and its contagious cuz if your smiling then she will smile too!

Peace Love and Smiles


LMFAO beware of the evil bitch that was sooo funny LMFAO xD
damn i been rejected a lot I GOT THAT SWAGGER SON! XD


lol but its true there are some evil bitches out there! but i dont sweat them, they can live on being bitches just not with me! loll it about how you handle them...

i will take into consideration on everything you mentioned Romeo. it makes sense...i feel good now =)

Thank you for your advice! you might have created a monster lol kidding


yeah, Romeo u've been giving helpful advices and i've been in several similar cases to Omara. Sometimes it's quite sad being rejected because your target does not feel the same way as you do. It's fine if they dont. Yet, sometimes they take us as a joke for being a les freak, which I feel quite insulting.
that's why I try to be more quiet and be normal. i do not really create too much impression (either good or bad) towards girls just so that i would not scare them away on the very first meet. if i do have change to see the one that i like for the 2nd time, i would start to build up the connection and the relationship.
yeah, what i think we should do is to calm ourselves down a bit on the 1st meet and say sth nice and simple yet still be able to grab their attentions. build things up later on if we do have the chance.

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