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My miss perfect - Love and Romance

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LMFAO WOOT XD -smacks lea booty- look my girl is on my side ^^ hehehe u keep playing i aint having none of ur kids! fuck that i'll cut that shit off before that happens oh u know what! -puts gun on no balls mood- there! no balls no sprem no kids!! -shoots Bandit- XD lmfao now go run to Juliet xD


Crossing Swords are we now? Looks like its gonna be a cock fight, on guard! You won't be able to swing it fast enough its too heavy! The prize, to hug Lea in the bomb shelter!
Looks like we are goin to have a Yaoi moment lol!


*holds up her hands and clears her throat* hold onto that thought *vanishes and comes back in a skimpy bunny suit* ok now you can call me that. who said that my bomb shelter was very or nice? *coughs* that place was full of dust haven't used it in years.
i need a maid, whoever loses this fight has to clean my shelter!


nu nu nu were not having a yaoi moment its a futa moment!!
and i aint cleaning nothing u can were ur bunny outfit and ur maid outfit and clean and after that i'll pop ur cherry =3 xD

and its long and big! i still will win XD
-hits sammie in the face with my cock giving her a black eye- lmfao XD


My beautiful face how dare you! Nobody touches the face!
Grabs Crystal's cock and slap her like a pimp with it!

-disorientated then takes Crystal's cock and shove it up her azz-
"There u go now u can f*ck urself finally up the azz!"

LMFAO u look like a wind up doll
procedes to twist cock further in Crystal's azz deeper

When Lea pulls it out ur azz u can go clean her shelter
"Oh yeah before i go!"
An eye for and eye
-Pokes Crystal in her eye with Bandit Jr.-

Oh and when ur cleaning, I promise to be real gently with Lea with Bandit Jr. its wiggles with excitement !

Muah ha ha ha
the snake will met the cherry and consume it


LMFAO WTF XD lmfao bandit jr? dude gross XD and fuck that that cherry is mines!!!
-grabs bandit jr puts it on a leash hands leash to Juliet- there XD lmfao now its dick whipped lmfao xD

-grabs lea and pops her cherry- xD LOL that was quick XD next time i promise to go slow -pats lea head- XD lmfao


Question how u able to pop her cherry with ur dick stuck up ur azz? Talk about a butt plug must like that? Did anyone else see that? I got pics if ur lookin for it!
Also i do have for a limit time only pics of Crystal touching my Jr. and me giving her a black eye with a "thumbs up" that's right we'll start the bidding at $1000.00.

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