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Falling in love too fast?

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Hi ya’ll

Love or lust?
Okay so love is grand, but I think it has to develop a bit so you can figure out if it’s love or lust. I once had someone tell me they were in love with me about a week after dating! Forget about sex, when is telling someone you are in love with them...too soon!?

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the first date or before you've really got to know them as it could just be the idea of them that you're in love with, and not the actual person.

  • 2 months later...

For me there is no problem if you are falling in too fast. The success of a relationship isn't about how long you have been together. It is on what u feel and desire and how u handle relationships.

  • 3 weeks later...

When you first feel that love for someone - you have butterflies in your stomach, can't find the right words to say, your clumsy around that person, your nervous, you'll do foolish thing to get their attention, you deeply care for that person that you'll give up your life for him or her, your both attracted to one another, you both have something in common. Feel free to add your comments if I'm missing anything

Lust - no emotions but strictly physical sexual way. Your just another person on the list that he or she you had sex with.

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