How much thought do you put into writing a profile on online gay dating apps such as our own Gaudi App? Words come quickly but wound easily. Here are eight absolute No-Nos for writing a profile on Gaudi App.


What not to put on your gay apps profile 1: ‘come correct.’

Invariably these words will be accompanied by no other text. What ‘correct’ means is a bit of a mystery. But it says something about a person when they can make such a dogmatic and arrogant statement without expanding upon it.

A great dating profile tip is not to assume people are mind readers. Or perhaps those two little words hide a plethora of prejudices – some of which are outlined below.


What not to put on your gay apps profile 2: ‘no fats’

Unfortunately, body shaming is prevalent in the gay community. And how easy it is to hide behind a screen and hate on others. The person who insists they won’t touch someone who is ‘fat’ likely has deep-seated issues about their own body. These two words are often linked with narcissism or insecurity. Or maybe it’s just plain old-fashioned cruelty.

Given the numbers of gay men who were bullied as children, it’s shocking how many adults use this vile language. But then it’s not unheard of for the bullied boy to become the bully. We consistently fight body shaming on Gaudi App and do our best to maintain a healthy community.



Big and beautiful - With a smile on your face, nothing shall bring you down :musical_note::star2:


What not to put on your gay apps profile 3: ‘no fems’

The words ‘no fems’ will often accompany ‘no fats.’ It may be the only attempt at a sentence that the profile writer can make.

Maybe they’re patting themselves on the back at their use of alliteration. But that assumes that they know what that term means. Whatever the reason, such rigid thinking and preferences signals ignorance. Another dating profile tip: swiftly dismissing a vast cohort of wonderful men is senseless.


What not to put on your gay apps profile 4: ‘no trans.’

A hatred of ‘femininity’ is usually followed by a liberal dose of transphobia. One of the great things about online gay dating apps is that they are increasingly embracing everyone. On our Gaudi App all kinds of cultures and gay types are accepted.

Trans people have profiles, as do men who are seeking trans people. On Gaudi App anyone that is part of the LGTBIQ* community can have a profile.

If that’s not for you, fine. But where does the need to publicly denigrate a community come from? And what does it say about your internalised anger and shame?



Trans beautiful is most beautiful! Letting your real colours shine will never be ugly  :lgbt::fire:


What not to put on your gay apps profile 5: ‘no blacks, no Asians’

What would your response be if you were walking down the street and saw a sign saying ‘no blacks’? You would, quite rightly, think you were living under an apartheid regime.

What is the difference between posting such a statement on a street and on online gay dating apps? Little, apart from cowardice.

This isn’t so much a dating profile tip but a rule. Blocking an entire ethnic group is unacceptable. But despite anti-racism campaigns by Grindr, the practice still continues. We all have a responsibility to call it out for what it is: overt racism.


What not to put on your gay apps profile 6: ‘no one older than…’

‘No one over 30’ proclaims the 29-year-old desperately hanging on to ‘twink’ status. The irony is, of course, lost in translation, as so much is on online gay dating apps. Another dating profile tip: a few carelessly typed words shuts you off from a whole new world of experience.


Age is just a number! No matter how old; In any age over 18, you can find whatever you need and need no shame about it! :sparkles:


What not to put on your gay apps profile 7: ‘Clean’ and ‘Disease-free.’

When it comes to outright offense and ignorance, this one is right up there with racism. It shows a complete disrespect for the millions of people who have died of AIDS. And the millions more who are living bravely with the virus.

Moreover, it demonstrates a staggering lack of understanding about how the virus is now treated. It all comes back to the question of what you would say in ‘real-life’. In times of the pandemic you can find emotional closure and dating help on Gaudi App. We try our best to ease lives throughout the pandemic through original content and user orientated feedback.

Ask yourself if you would say this or any of the above things to someone you met, face-to-face in a club or at a dinner party? That’s possibly the best dating profile tip of all.


What not to put on your gay apps profile 8: a ludicrously unrealistic profile picture

There’s nothing from a little photoshopping. Technology means we can all reach for a little digital enhancement on our online gay dating apps. On Gaudi App we try to maintain authenticity by making sure that profiles are verified and checked for legitimacy.

Another crucial dating profile tip is don’t get carried away. Perfection is a lie. And it makes you look desperate. We live in an age of filters. How easy it is to scrub out a few lines and blur a bit of acne. But the real conversation we need to have about filters on online gay dating apps is about the language we use.

We can start by sifting through our prejudices and questioning our beliefs. Strain out the nastiness and let the kindness stream through.


What are the worst things you’ve seen written on gay apps profiles? Share your dating profile tips by commenting below.


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It drives me *mad* when guys put an age limit, like 'no 40+', then they write to me even though my profile tells them I'm 45. I'm like, BYE!
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