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hands - Love and Romance

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it was with her hands that she stole me
nothing special
plain, no polish
her pinky slightly curved
yet these were her weapons
tools of seduction
she would elevate me to heaven
leave me floating on a cloud of exstacy
she plundered my soul
stole all my passions
filled me with power
her hands
that's what started it all
a sweet caress of the cheeks
a finger lingering on my lips
those sweet tender hands
how i wish i could feel them one more time...

-jennifer camara-


very good


This is very good. I got chills all over!


awww thanks guys....i love to write poems and just random little thougts...i am a romantic at heart...*smiles*...


Absolutely beautiful its as if you entered my soul for a split second and stole all of my emotions..........


*blush* i just get so many feelings in my head i try to let them flow out and why not share them with the world?

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