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Gay first time stories? Share here!!


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Hello community today I’d like to share some gay first time stories. Ever since I lost my gay virginity not too long ago I’ve been obsessed with writing stories like these and reliving the experience.

1: This one is how it went in real life, copied from another post I made surrounding this topic not too long ago. So I just turned 18 at the time when I celebrated my birthday with some of my friends in a bar in the centre of Toronto. A friend of mine picked the bar (because it was a surprise) and little did I know he picked a gay bar (i’m not even sure if he meant it). Anyway, we entered the bar and when I arrived I remember seeing quite a few handsome guys (also many circuit queens). It was a bit intimidating at first but I was equally turned on and it was during that night I realised I possibly had something gay inside of me.

Anyway, a few drinks down and suddenly this 32-year old caucasian guy started flirting with me. Me being quite tipsy (actually I was drunk) totally fell for it and it was within a blink of an eye I suddenly found myself in his bedroom at 3am in the morning. I topped him for around 20 minutes (until I came) and then pleased him orally until he came too. I will forever remember the first time I had gay sex (even though I was drunk!) as it was SO ***y hot. So much for the first gay first time story.

2: This is a gay first time story my “gay mentor” (sounds weird I know) shared with me when I just found out I was actually gay. For the sake of the story let’s call him Francesco. So he told me about this special night, where he and some of his friends did an ayahuasca (basically like a spiritual, psychedelic experience). He told me it was like his mind had suddenly opened up. He ended up making out with one of his guy friends, whom he knew was gay. So Francesco knew before the trip that he was gay but he was always too shy to try anything with anyone. Francesco eventually told me that he had desired more physical contact with that friend before the trip and so he was probably turned on by the idea. Eventually they ended up in a relationship and honestly he was not the same after the Ayahuasca. I’ve actually experienced on multiple occasions how some friends make radical life decisions after a spiritual experience like Ayahuasca (but that’s more off-topic).

Has anyone else got some gay first time stories they’d like to share? I’m very interested in hearing what you all have to share!

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