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After quite a few visits to a local sex shop which has a theatre and glory holes in the back section I had an experience that was more pleasurable than usual. I plopped down in my usual spot after arrival. Beforehand I usually shave my cock, balls, and ass so that I am nice and smooth. It is such a turn on for me to be smooth, especially around my now not so tight and moderately used asshole. Once seated I began to take off my shorts and tee shirt. Porn was playing on the large screen in front of me. The room was empty. I slid my cock ring over my cock and balls, eased back in the seat, and began to stroke my cock while rubbing my smooth hole. My ass was on the edge of the seat so there was plenty of space for me to access my asshole. I raised my hand from my ass and licked my fingers good so that my ass was nice, wet, and penetrate-able. As I fingered my hole and jerked my cock a tall and thick in stature man walked into the room and around the wall blocking the hall where I was seated naked pleasuring myself. He looked down and made a sound sort of like an mmm. I looked up and asked if I could see his cock. He slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out a nice and thick uncut cock. I them made an mmm sound and reached slowly towards his well-endowed penis. I leaned over and slid my mouth all the way down his shaft until my nose touched his stomach. He immediately began to grow bigger and harder. I continued to suck his cock until he was fully hard. His cock had to have been eight inches and it was really thick! I struggled to get it all in my mouth. His cock pressed against the back of my throat and I opened up and managed to get his meat all the way down my throat. He was moaning with pleasure as he reached around and started rubbing my ass. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and said “it’s clean I’ll show you.” I took his hand to the side of my ass and slid my finger deep inside. I pulled my finger out of my ass and began to suck my finger while I was looking up at his huge cock and face. I started sucking his fingers and asked him to stick them in my ass. His hands were large, and he gladly slide his index finger in my hole. I continued to stroke and suck his huge cock faster and deeper. I grabbed his hand and put his index and middle finger together and pushed them up to my ass to indicate that I wanted two of his fingers in my ass. He was starting to get some pre-cum, so I licked it off of his head and kept sucking. He slide both fingers in my smooth wet hole and asked if he could fuck me. I gladly said yes.

I turned around and got on my hands and knees putting my ass in the air right off of the edge of the love seat. I felt a cool breeze rushing in from the door of the theater as someone else walked into the back area. I said “don’t worry we’re fine” since he had began to seem withdrawn as someone else entered the back. I licked my fingers really good and rubbed my spit on my asshole. I turned my head towards him and said “fuck my smooth ass.” He took his huge eight inch uncut cock and slid it slowly into my ass. I moaned and said “oh yes” as his head popped into my ass. He started to push his cock deeper into my hole and I said “slow at first” since he was so big. He slowly pushed his cock about halfway in and out of my ass. After about ten times in and out of my ass I leaned my ass back to make sure his cock entered all the way in my slippery hole. I began to move my ass back and forth as he thrusted his cock into my rear. His balls began to slap mine as his pelvic area was pounding into my butt. His cock was big! I had bigger in my ass before, up to 14 inches one time. He was definitely filling me nicely. Another guy heard me moaning, and probably heard his balls slapping against me and walked around into the room. He had a bulge in his pants and began to rub his cock through his shorts.

I looked up to the newly aroused man while my ass was getting pounded and said “I wanna suck your cock while I get fucked!” His eyes opened wide and he pulled his cock out and moved closer. I grabbed his cock, which was nice in size and length, and began sucking while my ass was being banged. After a few minutes Mr. eight inch uncut pulled out of my ass and shot a huge load of cum without warning all over my back and ass. His cum was so warm. He must have been horny because some hit the back of my head. His cum was dripping all over down my back and running down into my loosened up ass. I reached around and scooped some out of my asshole and tasted it. My ass was opened up, I could feel his cum dripping into my hole. I kept scooping it up and tasting it. I was getting all sloppy. My cheeks had cum all over them. The man I was sucking moved back away and pulled his shorts up. He said “I’ll be back with some friend’s if that is ok?” I replied “yeah!” They had both left and I wiped the rest of the cum off of my ass and back and got dressed. After a quick bathroom trip I went outside to have a cigarette. 

I walked back into the theatre once I was finished my cigarette. I noticed as I walked past the clerk at the counter there was some cum that I has missed still on the back of my neck, some still in my hair, and a little on my left cheek right under my nose. I think he noticed it. I cleaned the rest of the cum off of me and the guy that I was sucking while Mr. eight inch uncut cock fucked me arrived again with his friends this time. I asked them if they all wanted to get sucked off. There were three of them. At first they looked unsure. I said “I want all three of you to cum on my face after I suck you really good.” “I want to finger my asshole and stroke my cock while I suck all three of you, then you can all cum on my face!” The guy I sucked earlier said “ok, let’s go” as he looked at his friends. I led them back into the theater room and again took off all of my clothes but my shoes. I got on my knees and started rubbing my ass and jerking my cock. I sucked all three of their cocks. I was careful to change from one cock to the next so they wouldn’t cum too soon. I wanted them to cum a lot. After about fif*** minutes of me bobbing my head on their cocks I found that I was surrounded by a bunch of guys and one girl watching me pleasure them. I kept sucking their cocks and the girl looked to me and asked “where are they going to cum?” I looked at her and said “I want them to cum all over my face.” She looked down to her phone and began typing something. After a few short minutes dick number one said “I’m going to cum!” I turned my face towards him, opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. He came all over my mouth, it was dripping off on my tongue and down my chest. Once he was finished I sucked him a little more to make sure he was done. The other two guys turned towards me even closer and both shot at the same time all over my face. Cum was dripping down my chest to my cock, inside my legs around my balls, and even down my back. Some made it down to my ass. I was cum covered and looked up to see about fif*** people watching. I rubbed their cum all over my body and then sucked the last two cummer’s a few minutes more until they were softening up. They all thanked me and the crowd slowly thinned out. I was so satisfied that I left shortly after dressing. Hopefully next time I go there will be a repeat of sorts. I am hoping that the girl is there again so she can call me a cum slut. Maybe she will join in and I can lick her clean of cum. 😋

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What a great story...my fantasy would definitely be fulfilled if this were to happen to me..I definitely want to be a cum dump for some well hung clean guy's!

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I love STUDS awesome write up I got hard !!!

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Can anyone in Connecticut come over to my hotel room and cum in my holes u pick I'm married and haven't sucked cock or had it in my ass in over ten years please I need cum 5082166001

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