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Out of Town - An Erotic Story


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Anyway i picked you up from your house... you had the weekend off from work so we went down to panama city for the weekend. On the way down there we was talking about life in general..  then out of nowhere you reach across and and pull my dick out and you spit in your hand and begin to stroke my cock. Im shocked cause I'm driving and there are people in front of us... but it feels wonderful so i let you and i pull over to a gas station. We got on the road early so the gas station is not open. I pull to the back and you get out the car and walk around to my side and you ask me to get out and i sit on the fender and you blow me right there. Im super nervous and anybody could pull up but nobody does. And i grab your head and start forcing it up and down on my cock. Then i say im about to cum and let out a loud moan and you let me cum in your mouth.  Im holding your head on my cock as i shoot my wads of cum and you swallow it. I apologized cause i know you dont swallow and you brushed it off and we continued on our trip. 

Im starting to feel bad for what i did so bout a hour later i find a commercial building for sale so i pull in to look at it. Its empty and there are no cameras. So i get out the car with you and we walk to the back  and there is a stairway leading to a office... we go up the stairs and find that the office is open.... no alarms going off or nothing.. so we go into the office and there is nothing but a desk in the middle of the room. A old fashioned oak wood desk that looks like you could put tractor trailer tires on it. Lol so i ask you to sit on the desk and you do. And i slide your pants off to expose your erect cock.... so i get on my knees and begin to suck your cock.. i gag a little bit but then you teach me how to breathe and to suck at the same time and it gets a little easier. So im sucking it and you pull me off and tell me to lay on the table. I do and you pull my head off the table a lil bit and you slide your nutts in my mouth and  im sucking your nutts as you stroke your cock.  And its rock hard so you then slide it in my mouth and beging fucking my mouth. Slow at first till i got use to it then you picked up the pace. Your nutts slamming against my forehead as you fuck my mouth. Your playing with my tits as you pound my face then you pull out and ask me to get up. And you bend me over the table and u spit on my ass and slide your cock between my cheeks and you start sliding your dick back and forth.. and you lean forward on my back and your body and my body creates a gap and you start fucking it fast. It feels so good im gettin hard again. Then you stand up and you tease my ass hole with your head... then you say. Remember earlier when you came in my mouth... i agree.. you say payback... and you slide your dick in my ass. And i scream from the ***. I even bleed a little bit but you start really slow.. but again you pick up the pace and your fucking me. Im moaning like a bitch as your fucking me for a good 5 minutes before i hear you moan and pull out and shoot cum on my ass and back... i find a bathroom to clean up and we leave...

We get to the private condo in Florida and its late about 9pm. So we grabbed some taco bell b4 we got to the room.  We get our stuff in and we wash up and relax till about 11pm. So I'm sitting on the couch watching tv and your on the balcony looking at the beach . The patio has a covered tent on it then the rails to the beach... the next condo is 2 miles in both directions so we are private. You call me out to the balcony for the moon lit view. Im sitting in the tent that has a see through side and just watching the water crash on the beach and you begin to kiss my back and i turn around and we begin a deep kiss and we take our shorts off and begin playing with each others cocks. I go back in the room but i leave the patio door open. We get to the bed and we get into our sideways 69 and enjoy each others cocks. You begin sucking me fast and i shoot a quick load on your face. I  lay on the bed with a pillow behind my neck so its propped up. But im still laying down. You take my hands and tie them up to the headboard and you straddle my face  you begin pumping my mouth. Your nuts slapping my chin as your cock slides in and out of my mouth.

You un tie my hands to flip me over so you can grind on my butt and we use baby oil in the room  and you grease up cheeks and you slide between them and you just starting sliding it back and forth... your body is slapping against my ass as you pound it hard and fast. Then you ask if you could fuck me again and i agree. And you slide it in slowly then it bleeds again but you take it slow and then you fuck me for about 5 minutes of good pounding.. then you pull out and roll me over and spray cum on my tits.... i ask if that can be the last time you fuck me.. and you agree to never do it again... and we go to bed... i wake up the next day and my cock is in your mouth. Which i start enjoying and you make me grab your head... then i stop and roll you over to your stomach. And i grease up your butt and slide my cock on the top of your ass and i lay down on you and begin fucking the crack. (Not fucking you) just grinding and i go faster and my body slaps against yours and i begin to moan loud and talking dirty  then i flip you over and i shoot my cum on your face.... we enjoy that day having sex every where in the condo... then your job calls you in so we get ready to leave cause you have to be there by 11pm so we leave by 7 so you can make it and you make me pull over for one more bj... i find a power station that has a drive way that leads up to the fence. The drive way is ducked off the road.. so we are private from passer bys. And i stand outside your door and you start sucking my cock again. Till i get tired then i sit on the trunk and you blow me till i shoot loads of cum on your face.. i return the favor and you shoot your cum in my mouth... we come home and tell me ill text you when i get off do i can come over and have sex some more. And you leave the car and i go home.

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