Similar preferences as outdoor gay

Gay men have a long and cherished relationship with outdoor sex. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a furtive fumble or indeed full-on thrustathon in the bushes. Gay Outdoor cruising grounds exist the world over. The lure of the orgasm is insurmountable. Whatever the weather, you’ll find guys rambling through woodland or hiding in the dunes in search of prime Rumpleforeskin.
Do you fantasise about being watched as you get down to some serious bone jumping? After all, you’ve put hours in at the gym. Your body is fast becoming a work of art. One could claim it’s rude not to share such aesthetic delights with all and sundry. Gay Exhibitionism is the unrepentant, sex-positive celebration of the erotic. It’s shameless. Thrilling. Daring. And empowering.
Beaches mean holidays, and holiday mean no work and plenty of time for…well, sex. There’s something about those waves crashing against the open horizon that just puts you in the mood for passion. You’ll find gay beaches in the major resort areas in Europe and also the US – and, of course, the nude sections of your regular beaches attract plenty of LGBT people. Just don’t be tempted to get your rocks off in the family areas with grandma watching as she dishes out the cucumber sandwiches.