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  • Mine is about 4 to 7 inches. This lets someones cock or my own dildo hover around my p spot. That gives me a quacking orgasm and big thick cum load. Awesome... ...
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    Glory Hole antics are one of those fascinating experiences almost exclusive to gay male culture. But what is it? straight people still ask today? Welcome to one of the simplest yet most pleasurable of inventions. A man-made hole in a wall or partition in which you’re invited to stick your schlong for a rampant workout by a usually anonymous and often insatiable partner. The lure of a glory hole is the unknown. Who knows what illicit pleasures await just the other side of that partition?
    The voyeur gets his or her thrill from watching other people get down to sex, and their pleasure is heightened when their watching is done in secret. You have to be careful with this one: it’s only legal between consenting adults. Some LGBT places are geared towards this: peeping through the glory holes of a sauna, or watching through a two-way mirror in a sex club while rampantly flicking your bits. The other people there no what goes on in these places. What’s not cool is peering into that fit straight neighbour’s bedroom window each night with the latest pair of binoculars.
    No, we’re not talking long walks in the country gazing a picturesque little houses. ‘Cottaging’ - another one of those wonderful gay male terms that straights are often ignorant of - involves hanging around public toilets looking for sex. The pungent aroma of piss may not be to every one’s taste, and many associate this activity with a time when homosexuality was criminalised, but for some old habits die hard, and the lure of the urinals is simply too strong. The danger is part of the appeal and can be addictive - but, as with all public shenanigans, keep your wits about you.