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  • Sissy Sklavenmarkt für Dom...

    Hir können sich Sklaven Sklavinnen Präsentieren, sich an Dominante Partner zur Verfügung stellen. Respektvolles miteinander ist da A und O
  • Gay Daddies

    Die Gruppe für reifere Gays 🧔🏽‍♂️ und Twinks, die einen Daddy suchen 💕
  • Widder1959

    Alternative Wohnform: Gründung einer schwulen Männer - WG. Männer verschiedener Altersgruppen in einer Wohngemeinschaft. Bei Interesse bitte meld...
  • Gay Daddies

    The group for mature gays 🧔🏽‍♂️ and twinks looking for a daddy 💕
  • Femboys, CD's und Sissies

    Die Gruppe für alle, die auf Weiblichkeit, Damenwäsche, Feminization & Transformation stehen. 💖
  • Männerfotografie

    Der Name ist Programm: Hier geht es um Jungs und Männer, die gern vor der Kamera stehen, oder mit einer Kamera umgehen können. Ganz wichtig: Es ge...
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Für alle die es lieben nackt zu sein und nach gleichgesinnten suchen für gemeinsame Aktivitäten.

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Similar preferences as FKK BaWü

It may not be the most beautiful part of the male body to look at, but the scrotum can be the gateway for endless pleasure. Tug them, twist them, give them a good sucking (‘tea bagging’) wobble them merrily. or if you’re feeling daring place them in the latest cock and ball torture device. Some are like shrivelled walnuts and others like bountiful, low-hanging fruit ripe for the plucking. The sensation of having them played with is like no other: a very delicate balance between pain and a taunting, even excruciating pleasure.
Tattoos have always been used to make a statement. In the past, they’ve been associated with a wide variety of different sub-cultures. They can denote belonging, whether that be to a class or a gang. Inscribe your own secret language and desires on to your skin and create your own work of art. Tribal tattoos are now particularly popular with gay men, and some are more inventive than others. Be as exotic or as prosaic as you like. Be mysterious with an ancient language daubed on your torso, or utterly blatant with the word ‘Sex’ emblazoned at the top of your arse.
Our feet are the most used part of our anatomy. Given the indispensable role they play in our lives, it's a no-brainer that they’re used in our extracurricular antics. Indeed, our feet are second behind our beef bayonets and bountiful backdoors when it comes to the most commonly eroticised body parts. But despite this, foot fetishism is still shrouded in mystery and mockery. It’s time to peel off those dowdy socks. Wriggle those toes. Put your best foot forward. And greedily embrace a new realm of salacious shenanigans.