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Where have all the tops gone? Goes the cry of many a gay man. And he has a point. A quick look at Hookup apps suggests that the Gay Top is a species in peril. The active partner in anal acrobatics remains the most sought-after of creatures. And a good Gay Top can be tough to find. We’re talking the kind of Gay Top who gives you the most rigorous seeing to in memory. The rigorous fuck machine who will have you squealing with desire. And quivering with aftershocks of pleasure. Here’s our essential guide to the Gay Top for every discerning Backdoor Deidre.
In the cut and thrust of man sex, there are rigid categories. Chief amongst these are Gay Top and Gay Bottom. Bluntly put, the Gay Bottom is the passive partner in anal intercourse. His sexual preference is for the backdoor option. And as such, he is the proud and joyous receiver of swollen goods. Here’s our quickie guide to the analriffic world of the rump rancher.
Top or Bottom?’ goes the oft-repeated online question. Oh, what a simplistic and tedious world it is when one is only permitted to be one thing. Why limit oneself? Categories are like cherries. Just waiting to be smashed. The Gay Versatile guy mixes things up. He’s as happy receiving a booty blast as he is giving it. Far from being lousy both ways, a skilled, passionate Versatile specimen will open your mind and everything else to a brave new world of kinky opportunities.

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