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Spunk, Jism, the shite stuff: just a few of the other names for the goey mess that squirts out of the scared One Eyed Monster. For ultra-Conservative, religious straights, man eggs should never be seen and must, at all, costs, shoot up that vagina, without a drop spilled in order to create lots of little, loud babies. Gay and bi men, have a wholly different take on it: for some it’s not the by-product of a good seeing to be mopped up at once, but a delectable liquid to be worshipped, massaged, dribbled and even gurgled with unrepentant joy.
With Gay BJs, one has to learn on the job. What else can one do? Practice on a cucumber? Which just isn’t the same. Or study porn. Which still isn’t the same. Because porn stars seem to lack gag reflexes, unlike mere mortals. It’s deeply regretful. Because a guy who dispenses terrible Gay BJs becomes a pariah. But fear not. Our guide to this essential sexual preference will put you to rights.
The great thing about water is that other people can’t see what you’re getting up to beneath the surface. There’s something about the sea crashing against your quivering thighs which brings you closer to nature, allowing you to explore that primitive side and any new number of different movements and sensations. Needless to say, safety should be a consideration here: don’t get out of your depth in some dark hidden lake. Baths and swimming pools (preferably private) are perhaps the obvious places to start – and those hot tub parties on sweltering days can get particularly lively.

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