5017 Georgia rd North l Right Now (Real Freaking Here Do And Like To Freak.)

I'm in Birmingham Alabama woodland area good right now

I like to do 420 and smoke if you like πŸŽ‰ come smoke with your boy and bring some 420 too if you got sum bring it to I am horny as hell how did they get your boy if you down.

Waddsup y'all this is Mr. SexyDuval Bka Derrick looking for a real lover or a real man like me for me it not about Drugs Don't Matter Just For Fun.

VERS/TOP, Races Is Not A Issue. It's Not All About Money, But Fun. Is A Different Story, But For Exact Fun Like Etc Have To Pay.

I Am Not Playing Games And Not Waste my Time. If You Do, Love!!! I am 38 year old so if you are fake u need to f off for here. So if you want anything hit ur Boyz up If you still want to chill with me can do at this time.

I feel that people online are liers and fullshit. Yes I'm bisexual i don't care what people say, it's my life. I do whatever i want.
before you judge me! Plz look at ur selfish ass first and don't come at me with dats dumb shit or bullshit okay.

If you do ur ass will be blocked. I don't have time to play with your shades ass or fake bitch don't play games with me be 100% real.

So y'all have a great day and be careful and God bless you Peace 1 love. So y'all can call me at (205)4008263 I am about that πŸ’° I'm Escorts.
100% sex love, i love my body and take care about it, be always ready and prepared to give the best of me, as a sport man, im disciplined and oriented always to success, are you ready for me, my muscles and the whole experience?

My Fantasies

One of my biggest fantasies is Having sex with two older men on the nude beach, where others could see me and make me feel their bodies against mine. also would love to fuck a priest or a really important famous guy

My Obsessions & Desires

I like older people, their extensive experience makes me very curious, also love a lot the role play and feel different every time

Additional Info

help me to find the best ways to pleaure you, to find the way to make your body feel, ur cock gets hard and we can have the best time, help me to understand it, to get it and to cum it!!

Special Info

In bed I am daring and I am always prepared for anything. Very masculine and determined, I will make love to you anywhere. I want to be the best lover and cause that sometimes I can feel dominant in the relationship. I always go straight to what's important, i care always about others, love to be protective as I will be dominant, are you ready?

My Fetishes

Bondage,   Domination,   Face Sitting,   Feet,   Jerk off Instruction, Nipple Play And Bit
,   Pain and you will Punishment,   Smok* Par*, Freak Spank***,   Sugar Daddy And Kinky.

My Sex Toys
Flashlight pocket pussy, Cock rings or more.

Love & Relationships ● 38 to 60 years ● 5km around USA, Birmingham ● 5 months ago

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The term metrosexual was coined by British journalist Mark Simpson in the 1990s. Back then it was a new idea. But today these men are everywhere. Why? Because they're a product of hyper-consumer society. Meticulous about their appearance, metrosexuals shop until they drop. Imagine a male version of the girls in Sex and the City. This of course sounds suspiciously like most city-dwelling gay men. But a significant proportion of metrosexual men are straight. Or so they claim. At least some of the time.
Twink is slang for a gay man who possesses that most celebrated and envited trait of being gay: youth in abundance. Usually aged between his late teens and early twenties, he is untouched by the ravages of time. The mucky business of life and its disappointments have yet to do their work. A star of the gay world, a Gay Twink radiates hope and vitality and is blessed with legions of admirers.

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