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Who doesn’t like kissing? Traditionally, it’s what defines romantic love. The days when LGBT people couldn’t kiss their partners in public are thankfully gone (at least in many parts of the West) – though in some areas you still have to be careful. There are endless ways to kiss and you’ll work out what your partner likes. It can be tender, sloppy, brutal, with or without tongues, romantic of just plain animalistic. Then, of course, there are the decidedly filthy kisses known as “snow balling” (an acquired taste, so to speak) – forget swapping saliva, this is all about the spunk.
This is where it all starts – the precursor to the main action! It’s all about getting your partner squealing with excitement and anticipation prior to intercourse. Make use of your fingers and your tongues – tease and moisten up that twitching arse or vagina, raise the expectation to an almost unbearable level before moving on to the next stage. Oral sex – fellatio and cunnilingus – is the most popular method here, but it’s also about inventive touching of all possible androgynous zones: from feet to ears – and everything in between. Take the time to learn what your partner wants. Be playful and experiment!
Gay and bisexual guys have different attitudes to circumcised cocks. Some love nothing more than rolling back the foreskin with their teeth; others won’t give those that are uncut a second look; some don’t care either way – as long as it’s big enough to do the required job! The common practice in the US is for male babies to be circumcised, as it in certain religions, where a cut dick is believed to encourage cleanliness. In Europe, most hospitals refuse to undertake the procedure, believing the process to be painful and barbaric and that is limits sexual pleasure in adult life.
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