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The term metrosexual was coined by British journalist Mark Simpson in the 1990s. Back then it was a new idea. But today these men are everywhere. Why? Because they're a product of hyper-consumer society. Meticulous about their appearance, metrosexuals shop until they drop. Imagine a male version of the girls in Sex and the City. This of course sounds suspiciously like most city-dwelling gay men. But a significant proportion of metrosexual men are straight. Or so they claim. At least some of the time.
Just a cursory look online suggests that legions of guys are desperately seeking a big, bad Dom. But Gay Dominance is far more complex and varied than a few well-aimed slaps and a bit of verbal humiliation. And taken alone, a pair of Doc Martins simply won’t suffice. Gay Dominance is a serious business, psychologically and physically. Misconceptions abound and these can be dangerous. So strap yourself in and learn what a real, fulfilling Dom-sub relationship entails.

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