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Even now, outside and within the LGBT+ community, Gay Crossdressing is often seen as taboo. It’s increasingly common for women to wear men’s clothes. But if men opt for female attire, they risk being dismissed as some form of a deviant. Myths abound. Chief of these is that most crossdressers are straight men. But Gay Crossdressing is far more popular than many realise.
Gay and bisexual guys have different attitudes to circumcised cocks. Some love nothing more than rolling back the foreskin with their teeth; others won’t give those that are uncut a second look; some don’t care either way – as long as it’s big enough to do the required job! The common practice in the US is for male babies to be circumcised, as it in certain religions, where a cut dick is believed to encourage cleanliness. In Europe, most hospitals refuse to undertake the procedure, believing the process to be painful and barbaric and that is limits sexual pleasure in adult life.

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