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My name is ashley. I'm 20 and bisexual. I am a little scared, but I have always liked girls. I guess this is the first time I am actually coming out to myself even.I have a fiance, but really want a girlfriend. Yes at the same time. I know it may seem weird, but I really want to try it. I want to try dating a girl.


I remember when I went through the same thing. But after a while I got used to it. if you want, we can talk and see what happens from there.


I haven't had a fiance (male), but had thought I was bisexual but always had feelings for women more than I did men. The more I looked into my life and evaluated it, I am definitely a lesbian. And I feel better about myself for finally admitting who I really am.


hi ashley...i think your just starting to know yourself better..try to explore it will help you..you wil know who really you are and what kind of personality you have


you are not hte only one going through this. Im married and i want a gf too! I never had the chance to explore my lesbian side of my life. You know the just girls era, but im happy with my husband and he has been very supportive through this part of my life! Youll find yourself during your first time! and when you do......BAM! YOU ARE A WHOLE NEW PERSON!