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Should finding your soul mate be left to fate or can it be found over the internet. Are you asking for trouble or is what people say a load of rubbish. ls it better to meet your new love on a night out, work or even on a blind date.


i say finding your soul mate can happen any where but just have to be extra careful on internet you do not get what you are promise remember that where in person you could make up your mine easer but that to can play with your head to so either way you must be careful ok


New love can be found anywhere where there are humans.


I met this guy last night outside the pub, he smiled and fancied me, I smiled and found him interesting, we chatted, laughed and he invited me to his.

This morning I had coffee delivered to me whilst in bed and then he drove me to the station, the phone hasn't stopped going with messages and tomorrow we are having dinner together after his work and an event I am going to.

To keep things going nice and sound we have decided to broaden our activities together, Operas, Classical Music Concerts and just being together.

We know it is early stages however love is something to work on daily and not just something that happens.


Roberto, all the best!! i wish i'd find a girl to attend classical concerts with me too!


You never know where to find love. It is hard when you live in timbuktu to find someone, but you start fishing around on the internet and have to be more cautious about the ppl u meet, but have found some cool ppl to talk to anyway. Have someone, though that I am waiting for. She is wonderful.


good luck to you roberto, i met my gf om the internet throu match.com, we met for coffee and now we're in love, fate, destiny, whatever, when it's time, it;s time