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ugh Girls, but I love them - Love and Romance

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When is my time to find some one that can be a friend and lover ugh girls
I don't understand where I should find new friends and Where are the good people !

I love girls I wish I had more girls as friends
I just have to be myself I guess but I have been doing that now what ! ugh maybe in college it will help please.

Where should I work ? the mall ? or wtf I hate not being in high school I have no life I'm Fucked HELP ME please


sadly all the good people are so far and few between. i honestly feel like sometimes the good ones are a myth 'cause i cant find them either. they're too good at hide and seek


To find a girl that we can be mutually interrested in, as her for you, you for her, is hard to find.


ok to all the girls out there tht are about to give up on love dont.... there is someone out there for u.... yall are just lookin to hard.... my fience and i were friends before lovers.... so watch yall friends and see how they act around u....


Good people are hiding everywhere. There is no miracle job where you find lots of good friends. You just have to put yourself out there, and people will find you.


Sometimes love will find you.

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