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okay so my fiance is staying with her mother right now, helping her out and all. so thursday i went out with a couple friends of mine and i had been trying to talk to her all day. she was answering me like every so often. a dom friend of mine wanted to see me after i left the mall with my friends. so i was trying to get in contact with my fiance before i told her yes but she didnt answer. i didnt want to go back home because it was still early in the day. so i ended up spending the rest of the day with her and now me and my fiance keep getting into arguments over nothing. its really annoying and im not understanding it. she keeps saying that she doesnt trust my dom friend but its like if you trust me, why do you keep getting upset over things? maybe i missed something. can someone please help me?


I wonder why she doesn't like ur friend, what's the real reason slight jealousy or insecurity? Ur fiance sounds a bit stress and slightly overworked thinking about the "what if" instead of whats happening now! Sounds like she misses you on top of the stress she's venting to you. When the last time you girls spend time with each other? You don't sound wrong you giving her space to handle her business i think she's a bit piss cuz you spent time with someone who posses a possible threat to her, but i hope she doesn't want you to stay put and not be in another females face while she handles business either.

If you love me trust my heart and knw that its urs.

Personally it sounds like she needs some QT but idk the situation to fully pinpoint it but to me sounds like she need to release some of that tension for the relationship turns from sweet to sour cuz i knw the friend is not to blame but a scapegoat to cover up what's truly bothering her.
Have a talk not turn into fussing about what's goin on with the progress of ya'll relationship cuz it sounds like she gotta get something off her chest but keeps busy to avoid the confrontation. Just be open and try not to get upset when it gets abit heated for idk how long she's been thinking about it and not telling you whats truly on her mind read inbetween the lines what she really means.

I had a ex like her and she would get upset and yell and like you i didn't do anything so i jus listen to her rant and vent and found out she was insecure even though she's a very pretty girl she though jus becuz she was working alot that i might try to creep around on her and i just reassure her and even try better to make myself more involve like doing something sweet like sending her little love notes and shipping flowers to her job and such things to jus let her knw im thinking of you. Jus showing affection in other ways instead of jus leaving her alone to handle her business. Babygirl jus want some affection and wants you do it without her saying so but didn't knw how to say it but that's my experience with that i hope it helps chica. Try readin between lines and see what you find!

Sometimes they want you to figure it out without them telling you, women beautiful and complex creatures lol



thanks sammie! the sad part is i keep asking her and like its not like i like the girl or anything. shes a friend. she likes me but she respects me and our relationship and doesnt try anything. besides, shes talking to someone else. and i keep trying to tell her that. but shes not listening. and like its just hard. i wish she knew how i felt like i told her how i felt about the whole thing and its still the same thing. i asked her did she trust me and she says yes but i dont feel that. she keeps saying we need to talk but im like why wait? tell me how u feel now. i dont know. i just want things to go back to the way they were. like i miss her so much and it seems like no matter what happens, things just get worst. i just hope that when she gets back they get better. i dont know ='[

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