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Dirty or clean? - Love and Romance

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Do you like to keep it clean or dirty? toys or no?
Personally I wouldnt mind a toy or two. I don't like role plays unless it really gets you going. I don't do the whole whips and stuff..not a turn on. I like the slow sensual stuff...like dropping rose petals on your body and kissing you all over. It all varies but i get more turned on if its slow and sensual.
what about you?


Well personally both...usually I start clean but by the end of the night it turns dirty in the sheets. starting clean is warming things up meaning kissing, touching, licking and tossing lol ya get me, setting the mood to where the toys come out to fulfil the dirty, aggressiveness that comes out..my input


awe nice haha
well whats a good suggestion for me when its my first time
i want it to be spcial yet not like boring
my sensitive spots are my neck and *ahem* clit hehe


Your first time should be special and I guarantee it won't be boring! First of all you gottta be relax and comfortable to set the vibe for the evening nothing extreme or wild, well not at first save that for next time (smile)
This should be a opportunity to be slow and pleasant cuz ur learning each other bodies and how it react to certain touch so you wanna be soft and open. It's okay to stop and catch ur breath u don't have to pull an all nighter save that for next time unless ur really feeling it lol.
Go with the rhythm of the night: Alot of kissing, alot of cuddling until u feel comfortable to go further, making out and hunching with clothes on( we all done it before), next following slipping off clothing which leds to being in ur panies, still wanna go further cuz you should at this point (hope ur in a bed at this point) cuz next u wanna take them panies off don''t matter who does it just smile and do as little talking as possible let ur actions speak for you.
Then you can receive or get ur first taste of bare flesh and thrist is quench. You will love how it feels don't rush at first stroking just feel it out and then it will be like riding a bike the more u ride the better u get.
All your sensitive spots will be added into the regimen without though the body know how to please another. Just let ur body talk
Gotta crawl before u walk
Romeo (Clean)

Now once that is finish and u wanna get a lil naughty then u just ask the question and my alter ego Bandit (Dirty) will be happy to help u get ur freak on!


LMFAO XD get that freak on xD

well i like to start clean first but then once it gets dirty aint no turning back until i black out xD i like rough not to rough though

but the clean part will get me more excited i love a good tease the more u tease me and make me wait the more i'll want to taste

i just love the waiting game she keeps teasing u and teasing until finally u get in it and beat it up xD


*pushes her knee in between crystals legs and pushes it up against her vag, when crystal sticks out her tongue, lea dives her head down and grabs it with her teeth, bites onto it softly than slowly sucks onto it, her hands gripping tightly onto crystal's wrists, the nails barely digging into her skin, she let's go of the girls tongue and kisses to her ear, biting it softly she soon whispers* come on now, since when did we start playing by your rules, if we did that would any of this fun stuff happen? *kisses onto her ear*

i don't like to brag but *giggles*


lmao lol sammie XD -shakes head-

lol woman if u dont stop sucking my tongue XD -bites my lower lip as lea plays with my ear trying not to moan, trys to wiggle free from lea grasps, shivers as she kisses my ear again- mmm

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