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some questions: would you or what if ... - Love and Romance

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what if you found out your gf or the girl you liked was a virgin?

would you like to teach the ropes or rather have someone know what they're doing?

would it make it better or worse?

what do you think of them and do they make it a different?

what's a great thing to do to be the best gf?

what has your gf did that was the best thing
or you did for her?

some good relationship rules ?

ya ha


Virgin ? Does it really matter in this day and age ?

Depends who gots more experience than the other one.

Who know's ?

Some people like and some other dislike piercings, you can always remove them once in a while for your love if she dislike them.

Be yourself !


Lets see that is a lot of questions lol


Virgins: I wouldn't mind teaching a virgin the ropes, it could be fun and fullfilling for all involved.

better or worse: depends on how quickly they learn and if they actually like it.

Peircings: I LOVE peircings =) and they can really make a big difference. My wife has her labrey peirce and OMG the things she can do with that thing.

To be the best GF: you have to be able to listen and understand your partner, and be willing to move mountains to make them happy.

The best thing my wife ever did for me: She loves me, for who I am, no matter who that is or if it changes, she still loves and supports me 100% and she always has my back. Same with me for her.

Good relationship rules: Don't try to change your partner, they are who they are and that is who you fell in love with. Be honest with them and yourself, lieing only causes more problems. Trust your partner. Love them. and even though you want to do everything to make and keep them happy don't forget that you have needs as well. and above all else. BE YOURSELF. that is the person they fell in love with.


those are some great answers. communcation with your partner is a must. loving your partner for who they are is valuing them. Piercings are optional. Tattoos can be tantalizing. Woman are so damn hot. Having your wife be your besf friend is such a turn on and can be the best thing in life.

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