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Would You Date Bisexual Person?


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Recently, I received a note through an bisexual online dating site from a bisexual man. After looking at his pictures and reading his profile, I wasn't all that interested ... but I still admit that when I saw he'd listed himself as bisexual, I almost didn't bother looking deeper.Though I would be more than happy to have a bisexual man as my friend (and I do have one close bisexual female friend), I don’t think I'd be able to date a bisexual man. That's not to say I don't understand how two men--even if one or both are "mostly straight"--could be sexually attracted to each other. (No one would think twice about a male masseuse giving physical pleasure to a male client, and what is sex but the natural progression of pleasant touching? Etc.) And I've dated (let's see) three boys who'd kissed a few guys back in the day before deciding that, actually, they preferred women and were going to stick with girls. That didn't bother me. I also think that if it was more culturally acceptable to do so, plenty of us--maybe all of us--would experiment more with our sexuality, rather than leaving most of it to the graduates of Brown and Vassar. (Do you agree?) Is all that just good old-fashioned ignorance dressed up in nice words? Then again, this is all in the abstract, and if I met a bisexual male with whom I felt a deep connection, I have a feeling I'd put aside my prejudices. And yet ... they are prejudices. Prejudgments. Which make me write off bisexual men off before I even meet them. I think I need to get over this mindset.(click here to begin to date bisexual)

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