Protein powders are big business and beloved by gay guys – but they’re also a minefield with so many out there on the market. If you're about to embark on a fitness regime using protein shakes, Alex Hopkins looks at some of the different types of shakes out there.

protein shakes are big business

The Whey to go

Whey is a by-product of cheese production – it’s also the most common ingredient to be found in Protein shakes. But did you know it’s broken down into three different types? Here they are: 


This is the cheapest of the options and is mixed with water to create your shake. It contains around 80% protein but also contains lactose. It’s widely available on the high street. You’ll find a wide range of products as Protein World and Bulk Powders. Great ones to try are the Super Man range – with a name like that, who could resist? Or how about some protein porridge to kick start the day? 


A terrific way to boost your protein intake – this option contains around 90% protein. It has also cut out the fats and the carbs – result! If you’re lactose intolerant, this is probably the right choice for you, as it’s around 99% lactose-free. One issue: it doesn’t tend to mix as well as Concentrate. Check out MyProtein. 


Another smart choice to ramp up your protein intake – Hydrolysate contains around 95% protein, though it’s the most expensive of the three options, and perhaps the least tasty. The real benefit of this one is that it’s fast absorbing, containing digestive enzymes. Perfect it you’re indulging in a full-on session – or even going at it twice a day! Find the best Hydrolysed formulas at Solgar – which places a real emphasis on nature.

Lean Queen

They say the idea body shape is to be lean, cutting down the body fat as much as possible. No mean feat! To lose weight, you need to curb the carbs – particularly in the evening. But for this to work you need to increase your protein intake – otherwise, the body, the cunning yet infuriating machine that it is, will sabotage your fitness plans by burning lean muscle for fuel. 

Don’t over complicate matters. Follow a balanced diet and use standard Whey protein – low in carbs, so go for Isolate or Hydrolysate. Still to the shakes and resist the temptation of the protein bars. They may be yummy, but they often contain added sugar.

man at the gym drinking a protein shake
Protein Packed


Muscling up

Try not to fall into the trap of drinking more than two protein shakes per day – there’s no need. Have one post-workout and then one before you hit your sordid slumbers. Opt for a Casein-based protein before bed – as it takes six hours to digest. 

Protein-packed meals are essential, but on those days when you don’t have the energy to throw something tasty and nutritious together (though with all the exercise you’re doing and these nutrients you should, of course, have bundles of energy!), you can indulge in a meal replacement shake. For example, those offered by MyProtein’s Macro Meal. If you’re after a real protein boost (a mix of concentrate, isolate, hydrolysate and casein) go the whole hog treat yourself to a MyoFusion Advanced Protein – it tastes almost as lush as you will, once into your new fitness regime.





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