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    These gatherings can include any number of partners. The important thing is that it’s consensual. In recent years sex parties - at least for gay men - have often involved the consumption of ‘Chems’ to enhance the sex. Know the risks and be careful what and how much you take. LGBT people are wonderfully relaxed when it comes to group sex: heterosexuals may call it ‘swinging parties’, we call it ‘afternoon tea’.
    Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of the Gay Orgy. Leave your inhibitions and what remains of your virtue at the door. Reach for those poppers. Oil those orifices. Then let the love juices gush and the kinky games commence. Whether you’re a sex party aficionado or a beginner, here’s all you need to know about being thoroughly pricked and prodded from multiple directions.
    There should be nothing quiet or timid about sex. If there is, something’s probably lacking. It’s the time to let rip with every grunt, groan, howl and pant you can muster. Embrace your inner beast. And it’s also the perfect opportunity to prove what a cunning linguist you are. To indulge in some thoroughly filthy talk to get those juices gushing. Forget politeness. Plunder your armory of expletives. Describe your most private fantasies in lurid detail. Nothing is off-limits with Gay Dirtytalk.