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The history of art is full of nudes: male, females and everything else in between. Queer photographers like Robert Mapplethorpe broke the rules and revolutionised attitudes to sexuality and race. Now, thanks to digital photography we can all do the same. Whether you’re snapping away on your iphone camera and sending it across cyber space to titillate your partner, or putting together a professional exhibition, you’re the editor of your own body – and other people’s. Just be careful with all the new tech available, however – you’ll be surprised how easily you can accidentally upload your private snaps to a shared Dropbox!
Stereotypes abound when it comes to hair – and so do sexual fetishes. Some like it long, others very short. But there are no rules here: not all lesbians have a number two crop and not all gay guys have shoulder length hair. The same with colour: fair or dark – you can like either or switch. Ginger guys are very popular among gay men at the moment – but like everything, it’s subject to change. Some gay guys want ultra-butch and associate that with short hair; others want something to long and lush to get tangled in. Some like a smooth body, others want the hairy back of an ape.
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