"Life's a Banquet ....... and most are starving ..
OLDER Creative and very grounded PRIVATE 'dude' iso 'Straight' uncut 22 to 30 and must be UNDER 5'10" .... WHITE lads in Uniform preferred and a 'bit of a past' is FINE. BLUE/BLONDE or GINGER preferred with a REAL BLUE COLLAR background, beards/stash just fine ... very straight acting ..... BE very submissive in private and enjoy some real TLC. Beards and stashes .... natural public hair ....Be under 5ft 10 inches ... Start with a backrub ... perhaps 'toys' .... light S & M. Be available for travel, discrete dining, etc. NO DRUGS - limited social alcohol.
Love & Relationships22 to 30 years ● 5km around USA, Schenectady 6 months ago
Looking for tat great guy to spark up my life agai
I'm 55, 6ft and I'm top/vers, I have blue eyes, I weigh 190lbs good body, trimed hair, A little bear belly, muscular arms & legs,. I'm a man who is never afraid to speak his mind, someone who is caring, stable,understanding, very truthful and loving. I'm very friendly very 0pen minded,I enjoy golfing, cooking, swimming, and reading, walking on the beach, scrabbling, playing checkers and seeing good comedies. I love the outdoors mountain biking, camping, fishing, horseback riding, outdoor photography and also spending some time out with my friends and also my son
Love & Relationships46 to 88 years USA, Lake Bluff 11 months ago
Big Teddy Bear in AZ
Taking a risk here to meet someone and experience another persons life and be impacted by that life. Nice conversation is a start. The more involved we get in each others lives the more we learn and experience. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Take a risk with me.
Love & Relationships25 to 45 years ● 5km around USA, Phoenix one year ago
A tapestry of intellect, emotion, and experience.
Into Blue-Collar Men, Working-Class Men, "Regular Guys," Lower-Middle / Middle-Class Men, Truckers / Truck Drivers, Construction Workers, Delivery Men / UPS Men / Fed Ex Men / Mailmen, Bus Drivers, Lumber Yard Salesmen, Union Workers, Repairmen / Maintenance Men / Janitors, Policemen, Security Officers, Firemen, Moving Men, Carpenters, Plumbers, Farmers / Ranchers / Cowboys, Soldiers / Sailors / Airmen / Veterans, Campers / Hunters / Anglers, etc. The more Masculine the better! Keywords: BEEFY, BRAWNY, BULKY, BURLY, HAIRY, HANDSOME, HIRSUTE, MACHO, MANLY, MASCULINE, MUSCLED, RUGGED, SCRUFFY, SOLID, STOCKY, STURDY (to name a few). Man-next-door types are a MAJOR PLUS! (NOTE: If your hairline is receding or has receded, and the hair that's left is salt-and-pepper, graying, or white, GO STRAIGHT TO THE HEAD OF THE LINE! Plus, if you're a smoker or cigar-aficionado, skip the line and come into my arms!) Physically, I'm very attracted to white, middle-aged men (around my age and OLDER), ESP. MEN WITH A FULL BEARD or a goatee / moustache! LOVE HAIRY GUYS! LOVE salt-and-pepper hair / gray hair / white hair! A WHITE BEARD is achingly HOT! Being hairy is NOT essential, though, esp. since I'm NOT. Expressive eyes and a ready smile ARE (essential, that is)!
Love & Relationships55 to 80 years ● 25km around USA, Minneapolis one year ago
L.O.V.E- A Game of Our Heart's Desire
Every gay/bisexual/transgender guy in this planet dreams of having a perfect life with the 'perfect man', well I'm one of them. I know i am too young to say this but, "LOVE IS A SHITTY GAME". How could i say it that way, well simply because i had a small taste of love- Many times! Everything starts by Choosing/Searching, and when you hit the Bingo! you enter the game of love. You play it and then you lose it. But losing it doesn't mean not being happy, it's just that along the process and besides the feeling of happiness despair always comes next, and it is up to us if we just surrender and falteri n failure or fight for the love that you have and win the game! So for me that is L-O-V-E. To start odff about me, Well...I'm just a simple young guy, and i love Men! winks Men for me is my inspiration, they give me unexplainable happiness and desires in life that not even me could describe( i'm not just talking about sex HAHAHHA if that's what you're thinking). For me "MY MAN" gives me the good vibe of pushing through the day each and every day and finish it in a hot bath with him and cuddle after in the bed(this could be you! HAHAHAHAH). I can describe 'MY MAN" as someone with a good body, hot sexy beard, tall, kind, polite, loving, caring, sweet, ADVENTUROUS! etc... Soo are you up for me? HAHAHAHAHAH winks End
Love & Relationships18 to 26 years Philippines, Indangan 3 years ago

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