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I just started writting for the examiner.com in Columbia, SC. I am their Lesbian relationship expert, but it seems that the south is more interested in shoe sales then being healthier sensual lesbians in productive relationships. I am really trying to reach out to the LBGT community and promote a healthier and closer connection among ourselves!!!! Please help me spread the word and read the articles. I'm trying to start a Lesbian Revolution!!!! I focus on a real deep connection and love! but I need help to spread the word!
Check it out and subscribe for free @ http://www.examiner.com/x-49848-Columbia-Lesbian-Relationship-Examiner


Ur awsome thank u so much! I'll definetly take a look and hopefully my cave woman ways with a conputer will workout! Oh and check out the my page... Let me know what u think?


Hahaha... Well unfortunatly my sense of humor get the better of me! And that always gets me in trouble but at least keeps life interesting.

As for my goal... Well my experience and education so far has teached me that lesbians are at the bottom ofthe totam poll (i think thats how u spell it ) and isolate themselves. They are at higher risk of substance abuse, suicide, and mental illness. They have difficulties with intimacy a lot more stuff. So my goal is educational and supportive. The more we know better choices can be madr. The more supportive the healthier we are. I am just trying to play a small part, and reach out to my community i love and i am proud off! I want my daughter to belong to a healthier lesbian world! Hope i answered that for u.

As for people judging me, well i really dont care it will happen regardless even if i was a blue with poka dots!

As long as i am true to my intention and i am fufilling my path, well i am happy! I tell u what though bring gay in the south is taugh so i am going to raise awareness even harder!!!

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