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Break Up Sex (Inner thoughts of Romeo) - Love and Romance

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Ok if ya haven't heard the news by now I have called it off between Juilet and I on the grounds that im not going beg ya to share ur life with me and at the same time not going to wait around for you to make up ur mind to see if you can find dirt on something that never existed. Look i know im not the most monogamist person and i always wonder if i could be but there was no questions asked cuz i did it with you so that proves that i can be so im not upset that its ova more like relieve cuz i feel im gettin closer to the real thing. But im not here to talk about that.

Break up Sex is the best next to angry sex cuz with break up sex its the last hoorah or hoorahs depending on how good ur stroke is(smile) and how hook the girl is. Yet its the most guility sex of them all cuz you knw ur not suppose to give her any not even for the last time cuz then u really wont get rid of her she'll be a side ex always threaten what she goin to do but beg u to stay when u make her leg shake cuz she say no one does it bettah. Man break up sex is just greedy, kinda like we broke up but everynite she is in my bed type of shit. Telling you reason why she's the best thing you ever had and how you never find another like her! That would be the point cuz why i would wanna date someone who reminds me of you i would be fucking retarded to go through that "Ah Hell" crap again.

Break up sex make you say shit that you don't mean like when she ask you,"Will you always love me?" and you lie! You don't like it cuz its always a series of meaningless arguments that have no connection or point to it, I being the greedy bitch that i am hold out from trying to *** her cuz she is really sayin some off the wall stuff and i jus wait for the sex part even though my mind is tellin me no but my diva(meow lol) tells me man go ahead and hit that. Such inner conflict and turnmoil cuz i knw i shouldn't do it. Afterwards she leaves without sayin a word and i have none to say to her either we don't even look each other in the face. She says she still loves me but i knw better than that if i respond then it would be another conflict i rather her jus go without a word so i can have some peace cuz she's not sleeping here tonight.

Break up sex is the only time you here "I love you" the most during intercourse sometimes there tears follow by "why are you doin this don't you knw i love you"?. Don't follow that up cuz its jus a guilt trap.

Somebody always trying to get ova on the other. I remain classy cuz im jus not down with all that aruging especially if there is no solution in the end.

Break up sex always brings up the sad eye look or depress voice which i interpet as "Make me feel good before i let go and hear and see how i miss you"

I like to look at break ups like losin ur job. If you been there a certain amount of time then u get an unemployment check to help you along the way til you find new employment. Same wit break up sex ya'll break up and then one of you have to ween the other person off til someone gets a "new one" or jus move the hell on.

Why is break up sex so freaky? There's alot of emotions goin into that, angry, guilt, confussion,cockiness, sadness, and ur last performance which is jus as important as the first time you had sex with each other cuz when you think bac about that person you usually end up thinking the last time that ya'll had "relations"

Break Up Sex is like going to rehab and backsliding, you know what its jus best to go cold turkey but its hard to look away when she's standing naked in a trench coat.

*Invites her in and shuts door*

"I'm so weak why do i break down during break up sex? She think she got me but really im jus a opportunist!"

"Oh well so its ova on to the next one! I'm running loose without my chain and collar!"
*takes a bow and fades to black*


Hi Sammie! I am sorry you had to go through this. But as a been there, done that, what I can say, is how afterwards, when all is over & done & said, you can feel much better, and able to get on with your life. Best wishes & dreams for you! Goddess Bless!


NAH don't be sorry more like congradulate on my experiences on being a better me cuz now i knw for sure i can do this it jus not with her cuz she ***s it. So big ups for me for not letting one drag me down for the name of love sake im jus too cool for that!


u r 2 cool sammie...and u r so right about saying a bunch of shit u dnt mean during sex...especially break up. In ur right state of mind you probably dnt even really like a person but when ur adreniline and emotions and wetness startes flowing ur in love all over again...never wanting this person to leave. I say maybe it ok for u 2 have ur cake..and then leave it and go have another cake..ya noe..lol...only 4 a lil while tho cuz u dnt wanna get caught up with her all over again and be tryna move on 2 sum1 else...Good luck 2 u romeo..and stay super duper fly...


Well break up sex break up sex is like your pastor having sex with a stripper then preaching on sunday morning nothing but lies and a rush for some smex and get your kitty purr because u know ur fucking horny and u want it one last time because lets be honest only thing people truly remeber is the first and the last
but i feel u on that shit sammie that accusing shit man thats y i dump my ex lol i hated that fuck that shit i aint never going back to that then she said she wanted to marry me? i ran for that door! LMFAO
but be cool woman just go find something else besides each expreience gets u closer to the real thing u find out at the end of the day what quliaties u can live with and the ones u cant and that just so happen to be one of the ones =P



Na uh you ain't gonna tie me down i wanna get pet by the pretty girls!

"Ah she's so cute you wanna come home with me?"
After the break up i've been receiving calls from ladies who been wanna get at me but i was tied down back then! Now imma go and enjoy myself while getting pet by all the pretty girls who wanna "take care of me in my time of need"!

Maybe i was jus too fly for my ex oh well look at the good im receiving now for the Love of Romeo


It ain't trickin if ya got it! Besides takes one to knw one pupil lmao!

"I ain't trippin on nothing jus sippin on something and my homeboy said he got a bad bitch for me tonight!"

"yeah im single!"

a line from Lil Wayne


Perhaps I'm out of touch (haven't had sex in several years, asexual), but I believe break up sex will only really work, if you are truly meant to be together, that the break-up, fight, argument, was 'just' something most (not all) go through. Couples are after all two separate, different people). Yes, the sex has the dynamic & excitement of getting back together, but if nothing changes in the relationship, is it really worth the bother. There should be healing, not just re-opening old wounds.


I WISH I could've had break up sex with my ex.

But she is in Massachusetts. I really did love her, she just cheated on me, and made it hard for me to get another girl. Dx

I'm broken. -sigh-

I blame her. &gtO


Devin, Damaris, realize you are beautiful, realize you can only be hurt if you let yourself be hurt, realize you are strong, realize the future is always there for you. Wishing you the best. Goddess Bless!

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