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Whats A Lez 2 Do When Shes Luvin 2 n She Dont Wanna Lie But Cant Tell The Truth - Love and Romance

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My friend Keerie is a awsome butch friend of mines but shes got one HUGE problem. Shes engaged to a close friend Lea (which is like a sister to me) and at the same time, sleeping and loving my friend Julie. Keerie is totally inlove with Lea but she likes Julie alot but at the same time and is totally confused. Shes havin a hard with this situation and ive been tryin to help her out but she doesnt listen and shes hurtin two good women. Julie and Lea know whats going on but wants sum sort of proof of it and grrr its buggin that theyre not friends cuz of my friend Keerie and now im the middle of it cuz i dont wanna lose either of them as friends.

What do you think Keerie should do ?
What would you do if u were Keeries shoes ?
What should i do as a best friend to the three of them?


coaches her and tell her that... it is wrong to ride on 2 boats! making her realizing that she should come clean with one or the other... and if not, one day... she will be waking up alone and all by herself!


i think u shud jus keep talkin to all 3 bcuz u really shudn have to lose any friends

i really dono wat i wud do if i was in her position ... but maybe jus like go out wit both like ona date er 2 jus to see who i have a betta time wit er who i like more er sumthin but i wudn wanna break up a friendship

as a bestfriend id probly like talk to each of em n see how dey all feel bout it but talk to Keerie tha most to see where her heads at n like try n help her make a disission


iv found my self in a similar situation that your in now. granted its not a pretty situation. but here is the deal you are not superwoman, the one that can fix it all. if your friend wont listen unfortunately u cant do more. you are a good friend for sticking around. but its time you back off just a little otherwise you will get hurt really bad emotionally. just be the friend...not the messenger.


if she is woman enough to lay in bed with both woman then she is woman enough to tell the truth. Its that simple. What is done it the dark will always come to light one way or another whether you want it to or not. lying isnt fair to anyone in the situation, especially the two that she has been lying to. There are no excuses, I dont care how confused you are. If you are confused then be honest with both of them and man up and do the right thing. If you are grown then act like it. People need ot stop playing games with people already. Its old and over used and over rated because in the end too many people get hurt and no one is happy.


I think Keerie should try to explain what's qoinq on between them 2 qirls & her , because if the situation qets any worse , your two friends are qunna end up not talkinq to you because they know your Keerie's Bestie & Keerie Should just stop playinq qames so she won't hurt them & most importantly cause herself an emotional breakdown .


It's difficult to say when you are not in that position.
Evidently, if she loves the one girl she shouldn't be putting her in
the situation where she's is at risk of getting hurt, all three of them for a matter of fact.
You should be with the one you love and you shouldn't settle for less.
You ask what would I do if I was in her shoes? Well personally I would
never allow myself to be in such a situation. It's wrong, but that's solely my opinion.
But then again, it depends on their relationship status..
If she's just dating without the boundaries of a relationship, I don't see a problem or if she's clearly in an open relationship. It's the typical.
If she's in a committed relationship with either or, sorry to announce: let it be, let her learn on her own. If the girl "she supposedly loves" has a lot of respect for herself and cares about her, she'll leave. To prevent herself from being hurt. Maybe then, she'll learn her lesson. But who knows, only time will tell.
On another note, the reason it's breaking as you feel your relationship with the others is due to the fact you're letting it. To justify, it is nice that you seek help, but it is really none of your business. It would be different if she was the one asking for advice. Stay away from the things that really don't involve you. If they're good friend, they'll understand the position they're putting you in and they'll leave you out, that is if they're reasonable mature friends. Return the favor, be a mature reasonable friend by letting them rule out their own life. You can take this as an insult (hoping that you do not) or as positive criticism. The choice is yours, we always have a choice. Don't be blind to the other side. Again, this is based on opinion but keep in mind it's coming from experience. I am only seventeen years of age, I could be wrong. But i've been where you stand now.
xxx really do hope your friend makes the right decision and can reflect on what she's doing. Best of luck to her, and yourself.

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