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emjhay - Looking for LOVE!!!

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When the time comes for you to leave me, just say so! I can let you go. But let me embrace you while saying, “You’ll go back to me, okay! When he leaves you."
Sad reality but its true…. ;(
God gave us two ears to hear, two eyes to see and two hands to hold. But why did God give us only one heart? Because he wants us to find the other one.


life is beautiful.......very artistic......very real......that is our life......so share......


it`s really a pleasure to be a gay man. i feel pretty awesome to have be a new number in this group. i don`t really think that to be recognized as a gay man is an irksome situation where people take pleasure to judge you as a freak or something. we have the sheer choice to be a homo. we don`t have to be in accordance with the so-called unwritten laws. if ever labled as the immoral. then, you straight couples. you splited as where your will lies and leave your pathetic kid in despair which totally triggers him to be a juvenile delliquent. your divorces condaminated the importance and seriousness of affection. then where the hell is your ethics? where are you standing then?

gay men have the right to love each other. maybe we know the notion of love more than you do. we know what moral fibre really is. if you are ever in love, you truely care it and you are willing to fight for it, you risk all and you never let it go.

maybe i am not a good lecturer. i just want to say:i am proud of being a gay man. that`s all.

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I'd pick gay over straight any day of the year!

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