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FaVoRiTE POsiTion! - Love and Romance

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You gone to far Crystal!
*throws Miranda a radiation suit*
"you bettah get in my underground tank so I can take this chic out
*drill underground to crystal liar sets coochie coochie bomb to blow crystal back up to the surface*

(Miranda so grateful that she let Bandit taste and touch her rainbow, while drilling to the underground lair)

Bomb is set and Crystal is blown back to the surface


Its like that huh?
jumps up to tank cannon and fires a laser beam to crystal escape pod to make it shape like an giant ass, which redirects the missle into following her and explode on contact

Miranda's booty is not my demise its actually full of Omega 3's how u think i came up with that idea so fast!

With Crystal blasted out the sky now all I have to do is hacked into her satelites and change the command of detination instead of penis i gave it the command to just make all clits hard and alil plump but definitely not penises so your plan fail Crystal after all. Now i just have to deal with a bunch of horny ladies until they have an orgasm.

Guess I better get to work


-jumps out of pod before impact- u havent wont this yet!! -sets my commands to lock down- presses button to show a hidden laser in her booty- muwhaha!!!

no one will stop the penis! XD but i got to admit i like ur idea better how about a truce =P

i wont blow u to pieces and we can taste all the women in the world =P
oh lea ur a big part of it -grabs lea- x3


You mean you won't blow me if I had a penis lol!
Yeah right u just though about it if............

"Bandit gets a penis and im the only few females left that means she WILL get me pregnant!"

DAMN RIGHT TRUCE! I'd make you had my babies if i end up with one!

But since im not.........I'm going back to work got alot of ladies that need to have their cherries pop and I hate to keep them waitting, if you wanna help that's fine by me!
-opens door to lobby full of moaning females in heat-
(thinking to self, "there are so many horny ladies!") -sips energy drink-
*shouts out*
#17527 ur next!

*spanks cheeks*
"Hey Im Bandit, how ur doin? Lets release some of that tension you have there. Now imma start licking and fondling you and you tell me if the pressure been release or to increase preformance okay?! Hands behind head please!

I do it to save the world!


-looks back at lea- u know if u wasnt holding my shirt i would be right in there with bandit taking "care" of those women

but ur just sooo adorable!!! x3 -turns around- places my hand under ur chin and points ur face towards me- (smile) would u like me to please u as well =3


(cuuuuuuuute! omg how i picture this is so like something from an anime! oh god it's so cute i can't fight this moment!)
Senpi *looks up at her with half watery eyes, her hands on her arms, all a dreamy state of wonder*
*flames of moe in the background!*

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