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FaVoRiTE POsiTion! - Love and Romance

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Your doin great!
starts takin off scrubs and tearin off Miranda's gown. Caress and kisses her breast and goes back to kiss her lips, then lay her down on the table okay I'mma jump start her and that should get u going.
Starts to deep bone her and grind her slow, for maxium tightness holds one leg up and jus lock her in. Now I'll keep doin this till i hear a pop. Your kitty will make a full recovery soon enough.


LOL someone is having a baby? XD lmfao

hmmm -smacks lea's booty- y should we leave this room hm? u dont want them to see u cum and scream my name hm? -rubs the big needle between lea's legs faster-


Alright ur quite welcome, i hate to see a kitty in need and not getting any help.
-Slides down off Miranda and puts lab coat back on writes up a prescription -

now I want you to come back for more therapy sessions to build back up its strength okay and try not to over work it, well not jus yet and avoid anything that might kill ur sex drive or were gonna have to start all over again with therapy. So any disturbing images that you might see runaway cuz its not strong enough to handle the shock.

*looks at Lea and Crystal*
what are u planning to do with that needle and what's in the tube?


&gt.&gt newbie *brushes hair back with the back of her hand* no one's dared called me that in years. i've put out my traps for now, let's see how you play, i'll be giving you chances, i don't believe in erping in disscions grps or things like this, i believe in person to person one on one goes, live feed if you will, not one types and waits god knows how long till the next one gets online to type, i find it doesn't have the same feel as if say we were on msn/yahoo, so i'm giving you a lot of chances to beat me here let's see if you can pull it off.
how about this, i just got an idea, me and you meet at a certain time to fight this out over the net, a small battle before the war, we meet online a certain time and go at it, whoever has to stop first to go play with themself loses.
miranda and bandit if you have msn or yahoo can join in and watch/monitor/judge, only if ya want to of course.
that cool with you crystal?

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