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Anyone want to read my crossdressing experiences? It might be too extreme I will censor it.


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I had crazy solo experiences when I was all alone in the house at the time of the "the really hard years" of my life. I was in a new school ,and I had no friends. I always came home and waited for everyone to go to work. I then showered and shaved my whole body smooth. Then I put on a perfect face of make up. I then put on my ***s under garments. It was always thigh high stalkings with g string under wear. I never did a bra though. I was so skinny and fem back then I looked pretty good. I was so hypersexual I started to engage in extreme sex acts. It was always b #$%^& and s$%%^. I would put a old blanket down in the living room and film and take pictures of my self engaging in these acts. I got rid of the pictures sadly.  I stopped doing these things after a while when I was more mature. I kinda miss those dayz.

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