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Whats a crush based on? - Love and Romance


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The looks or the first hour of being in the same room, to learn about each


Wow I hadn't crush on anyone seriously since high school, but I remember the feeling clearly. I had it on a girl in my sophmore year in my Geometry class (im not a math nerd i barely passed with a C) but I never could talk to her seriously cause she had a boyfriend and he was friends with my homeboy but we only spoke out of courtesy.
I liked her cause not only was she pretty but she was very thoughful and polite and that made me like her even more. Besides she saved my ass plenty of times by making sure I don't get detention (lol I sure had alot of them my first 2 years of high school)
I could never break up a relationship no matter how bad i wanted to, it just wouldn't be fair. Kinda hard to be strong like that when she's poking me in my back to wake me up cause lets just face it math is BORING or touching my hair she made sure i get up when ask a question even telling scolded me for sleeping in class(smile she is cute when she's mad) but in the end we became good friends.
Until a few years ago our paths crossed, she was engaged to a new guy but told me something i never though i hear her say,
"I would of like to kiss you but I didn't know for sure if you like girls!"
How you like that!
But it was cool though everything happen for a reason, so I wish her well in her new life. Would of kiss her but though nah it is what it is besides my girlfriend at the time would kill me lol maybe next lifetime we will have our chance but for now I'm living and so is she and we both are happy with the results on how it turn out.
It was just a high school crush nothing more nothing less still glad it happen without any regrets. It's when i realize that I like love and wanted to find my own for a crush is like a sample of real love, your going to want your own eventually!

To my first crush you help made Romeo the person she is today
Peace, Love, and Smiles
thanks Corin


very nice answer, I like ur input. But I got to have my crush for three years and left him for his *** out of stupidity. and now both hate me, cause of what I did. especially the ***, cause she didnt know about us. FYI, do not bring up ur probs while under the influence. I had everything I could possibly want, and at the end of one night. it was all taken away

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