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i need some advice - Love and Romance


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me and my girl been together for 2years and just broke up november 1st because she choose a boy over me she is bisexual me and her have been knowing each other snice 8th grade summer school she is my heart and soul and everything i was there for here when she needed me and we did everything together like Bungee jumping and etc. plz ppl help me out


i just broke up with my girl of 2 years and i hve had the same thing your going through it sucks and it hard at first but u will find someone after just takes time there is nothing u can do but make her realize your over her and how much she missed out on ur amazingness


I went thru this and it is very hard. I still miss my ex and it has been over a year. She keeps telling me to move on and so I give her her space. Although im always in the background as a friend to help her in need. That's about the only thing I found to do. When you really care about the person.


When you been with someone for that period of time someone is bound to get attach and unfortuanetly the other is wiggling to get free (hey it happens, until you met that right one). Sometimes along the line she probably wasn't feeling as strongly as you felt during the relationship but that doesn't mean you should wait for her to change her mind especially if she moved on. If its meant to be then you shall cross paths with her again. Until that time you need to start healing emotionaly so that you can love again even better.
Get focus and don't lean on the past issues of why your not together as a crutch, I know it hurts i've been there before but decided to better myself and be a better person to the next one who enters my life and love me back how I love her.
You still got time ahead of you. Learn from mistakes, evalute yourself, recap on how things could of gone better, and focus on the future. Dwelling on the past issues and she's moved on in the present is not going to let her know that you can handle the situation sometimes you gotta show people that you are a survivor and that won't stop you from loving again. Love is not alway ***ful, and *** do go away to start healing (like a cut on a finger) Heal for the better of yourself somebody out their do want you.(REMEMBER THAT!) Upgrade don't let that stop you from not wanting to shine. Maybe one day she'll realize what she's lost and maybe one day you'll be more happy than you can imagine, but it start by taking care of you, don't worry you'll bounce back prove to yourself that you can, others will notice the work you put in cause you gotta love yourself before you can love others again.
You'll be okay just dust yourself off and try again and take this as a LIFE experience not a LOST, think about the next one cause she's out their waitting and looking for you.

Peace,Love, and Smiles

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