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My first night with Joe in Duluth.

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I’d moved to Duluth to flight instruct executives Cirrus Design Aircraft had gotten from different companies and I’d gone to a porn store and bought a 12” plastic realistic vibrator and one day I lay on my bed and I lubed my ass and it.

I then slowly worked all of it up my ass and just lay there kind of freaking out about ho much plastic cock I’d taken up my ass.  Then I fucked myself with it as hard as I could.

when I came I shot all over my face and neck,  years before with a high school friend and Tony was 8.5” thick.  As I started sucking him I wanted to so I made my throat relax and I took him fully down my throat. He loved it and I taught myself tricks that drive a guy wild and make him cum.

after I made him nearly drown me he was dying to fuck me.  I’d realized as a child I’m completely bisexual and after Tony I realized I only want huge cocks and I’ve loved taking it. After he used Crisco to lube my ass he he lubed his cock and pushed in and began pounding my ass do hard.  God did it hurt but. I was also hard and jacking off and knew being hardcore fucked with a huge dick I’d cum hard.  Joe happened one night in a bar and I’d met friends from work and they were ahead of me. I was standing near their table when I looked to the door and a guy walked in.

He looked very rugged and like all man who’d take what he wanted and I was interested.  That was odd because I never looked at guys.  Girls have always found me hot and I’ve always liked girls too. I’m finding it very interesting how many actor and musicians are claiming bisexuality now and why would I deny myself but my high school friend in Green Bay Tony with his so huge 8.5” very thick cock which when I pulled down his pants and briefs flopped out and hit my face like a club.   

That night I’d take all of him down my throat and up my ass and it really hurt but I loved it.  Tony taught me I only like giant cock, I can never get enough cock or cum!

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