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Anybody looking for a new eager lover


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I'm looking for someone who is more feminine, like me, who would like to hookup with a sexy, willing, sensual, patient, fresh, smooth shaven and quite endowed closet sissy femme pantyboi top switch non binary sensualist for complete and fulfilling eroticism, sexual caress, and ever fluid and abundant lessons of finding my inner feminine sissy by sharing your knowledge, skills, talents, and makeup prowess...to help me morph into the passionate, mesmerizing, provocative, ravishing sissy I know is waiting under my skirt, waiting to caress my tight smooth boipussy as it glides along my ten inch thick clit, down the soft sweet pinkness of my thongs, as it thrusts open my thighs to envelop you and draw u inside the ever orgasmic tide of my combined softness, firmness, and will. I wish to be feminine indoors, with my lover, and masculine out in public, so that only my lover may enjoy my entirety of self....both as their sexy sensual maturing wife, and as their hung, charismatic, goddlike husband....who looks sexy when fully dressed as either femme sissy girl, or top hung daddy... I'm a sexy slender younger looking guy, smooth shaven tight and very talented to learn orgasmic delight....I want to learn to suck, lick, kiss, caress, how to dress, tuck, walk, ride, and fuck....I want to learn how to dress completely as a woman, and how to react like one while amid passion and pleasure....I want to become the best female and male partner I can become, with and for my lover. I'm looking for a long term partner, who loves both top n bottom sensuality, cuz I will be both as will they....so if you want to take me into your bed, please guide me into your house, and turn me into the sexual fantasy in your dreams, I'm ready to ride cock, taste cock and also stroke deep with my pornstar like cock.....I want to swallow cum, and your juices as well....I want to pull u in my boipussy moaning for more cock, just as I want to be thrusting my thick meat between your sexy cheeks, I'm ready now!

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