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Broken but healing - Love and Romance


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There used to be a time when I was alone
A time when I was living with the *** of the unknown
Then one day, she flew into my life
Instant connection with just one look into her eyes
And as we spoke and laughed and smiled
We became closer as time went by
Till I held my breath as I waited for her reply
After what seemed like eternity she finally came by
Told me she loves me and we'll be fine.
I poured my soul into every second we spent
But all you did was play me like a doll.
You broke me down little by little
Until even I couldn't recognise myself
Then you left without even saying a word
No good bye hugs or kisses.
You left me wondering what I had done wrong
But I failed to see that you had planned this for long
There used to be a time when I was alone
Now thanks to you
I am still living in the *** of the unknown


Thank you for sharing this and I have been in that place. Please have hope because things do get better!


Thank you I'm glad that I am not alone. Hopefully things will get better


Things will! Go thru all the healing you need. You'd be surprised where you'll find real love


i know the feeling and very nice poem ! just want to tell you that some people come into your life to teach you a lesson ! so lesson learned , with time it will heal and dont be scared to get back out there , take time to find yourself and go back out there with a new perspective on yourself and love ! goodluck

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Thank you the only thing I was afraid of was losing her as a friend. And even though I did, I do not regret it and I do not wish it to be undone. I think it happened for a reason. I found out who she really was and really if this didn't happen, I would have been with the wrong person. So glad I have gotten overcome one of the many obstacles of life

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